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I don't have to be an egg headed mathmatical gen. to know that a black hole at the center of our galaxy

cannot produce a "universe" equivilent in size and character to our "universe"...  Still, "scientists" will

persist in claiming that a mere black hole within a galaxy can produce such a "universe".

While "scientists" make such asinine claims, they act as snobs berating others who dare show interest in

science by postulating ideas that are far less…


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Misunderstandings vs. Clarifications

As regards my book, JUST-US FOR ALL.  I think there might be some misunderstandings...  First of all,

I'm not an egg-headed, or math-headed scientist.  My theory on Universal Evolution is rather personal &

inspired.  It is intuitive.  I can't imagine a god setting off a Big Bang out of nowhere, so I imagine more!

I imagine much more for nature!

So, my book is not 100% Universal Evolution and it isn't "pure science".  As a matter of fact, I…


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I'll make this brief...  Sorry, but I'm not good at carrying on one liner conversations online.  I just can't

do it.  I don't mean to not participate...  Below I'll give my non-business e-mail.  I respect all members,

and if anyone has anything important to discuss with me, please feel free to use the e-mail given.

Thank you.  E H Smith          earl777@goldenwest.net 

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I'm Earl H Smith, a new member, at New Underwood, SD, a place of religious folks.  Ha ha.

It might be of interest that I have a book coming out at publish america (.net)  Its' title is

JUST-US FOR ALL.  In the book I cover the subjects of New Socialism and The Religion

Addiction!  (I do go into Big Bible Lies)  ...  The book should also be available at Amazon,

Barnes & Noble, BooksAMillion, etc.  It should be out by mid-April.  Non-fiction.

I have…


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