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Religion is pure poison disguised as hope. How has religion harmed you?

I personally haven't been harmed by religion. I have been an Atheist all my life, but didn't have the label Atheist till I was an adult. I have heard many stories where Atheists were harmed because of their lack of belief in the supernatural. I was wondering how many of you here have been harmed by religion and how you were harmed?

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Please read this petition on child abuse...

The Petition


Thank you for your sacrifice of your precious time to consider this,

Cane Kostovski

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I just suffered as much as any man could ever suffer...

I just suffered as much as any man could ever suffer...

I listened to 15 minutes of a recording of Timothy Keller's "sermon" called "A Reason For Living" and could take no more. Complete and utter lies and stupidity!!! Tolstoy, held in such high regard, is full of shit!!! Who are you to say such a thing, you may ask. I am nobody, but what I have to say is bigger than Tolstoy or even the great Timothy Keller!!!!

Who invented the spear? Who invented how to keep a fire going? Who…


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Insults...Who do they hurt?

"To save time, think of the worst thing I could EVER say to you and imagine me saying it to you."

That sounds familiar. I think I butchered it, but does anyone know who said?

Thanks in advance for your help (non-help).

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God is the answer to all questions that science has yet to find!!!!!

That is until science finds it, then we boot God the fuck out!!!!!!

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Utterly Amazing Book Sculpture!!!

This sculpture says so much without uttering a word!

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One more thing we need...

May I make a suggestion? Why not push for a law that requires all politicians to take a (or a number of) science class(es) on the scientific method and a (or a number of) class(es) on sceptical thinking and pass an exam before they can RUN for office (not take office). That will insure that not only the politicians who hold office will have a basic understanding of science, but those who have tried to hold office. Most people think that teaching our kids is the best way to promote…


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The greatest heated discussion our children deserve us NOT to have!!!!

Volume 6 - Whats Wrong With Our Schools - from the Milton Friedman Free to Choose videos.

The discussion in the last half of the video was very heated on all sides, even Milton himself. My guess is that the discussions all over the world about education are similarly heated. And I would venture that they are so heated because all those having the discussion are too close to the problem.

Science has been…


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Funny thing my Xtian girlfriend said to me the other day...

She had Chinese food without me and brought the left-overs when she came to see me. Well, she took a nap (because I am such an exciting person to visit) and I "stole" her left-overs. Later she went to eat the left-overs and found they were gone and got a little miffed. I suggested that if she had prayed over them, she might still have them. She said that she had and that she is surprised I didn't choke!!!! The atheist in me thought that that was hilarious and we laughed for a long while and…


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Blog post 11-1-2012: The Reverends

Blog post 11-1-2012: The Reverends

I stumbled upon this Catholic Church's Website today (11-1-2012)

This text is…

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Muslims rioting because of a Christian movie...

Muslims are said to be rioting against the West. I just think that they hate the Christians that made the movie.

Oops, forgot the capitalism that keeps them poor and under repressive regimes.

What else did I forget? 

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Science Paper Publication solutions

This article from Nature Magazine talks about the latest solutions to the problems of publishing a scientific paper.

I found it interesting because I see money as such a limiting factor on scientific research as well as the publication process that is talked about in this article. People…


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A memory that haunts me...

When I was 15, my parents saved enough money to send their oldest son across the ocean to their place of origin: Macedonia.

I have many memories of that trip, good and bad and horrible. I remember only two horrible memories and lots and lots of the other kinds of memories.

I want to tell whoever is listening about the horrible one that bothers me today.

I was 15 and very naive. In the middle or last half of my trip, I decided to go alone somewhere…


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Boy! This brings back memories...

Sole survivor of Detroit Plane Crash

I watched that plane pass by me and my coworkers and then disappear behind some buildings and then fire and smoke. I didn't feel a thing.

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Good Reasons for "Believing" in God - Dan Dennett, AAI 2007

His speech to the AAI in 2007 was (to use the philosopher's craft) is an entertaining, thought provoking, full of ambiguous meaning, touching on many ideas - especially other peoples' ideas.

Professor Dennett introduced the word "brights" and "super" and others. What! He created the words, brights and supers? No, he (or someone he borrowed from) added another meaning or two those words. He is using religion's long time practiced tools to "evolve" the human language into a more…


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