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Can you tell me what a feeling is?

You can take any feeling, but here I will take the feeling of anger as an example. The next sentence is an everyday simple sentence:

He is angry.

You would be more accurate to say: He looks like I do when I'm angry.

You could say I have a sick feeling in my stomach when I am angry. Or, I have a tension headache when I am angry. Or, I shake like a leaf because of the adrenaline when I am angry. Or, I want to hurt him when I am angry.

Did you…


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Us against Them

I guess I better define who is Us and who is Them.

1) Us=Atheists and Them=Christians

2) Us=Americans and Them=Non-Americans

3) Us=Americans and Them=Middle-Easterners

4) Us=Americans and Them=Chinese Communists

5) Us=Blacks and Them=Whites

6) Us=LGTB folks and Them=Religious folks

7) Us=Democrats and Them=Republicans

8) Us=Northern States and Them=Southern States

I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the…


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The Oberlin Project

Click here: to read my discussion about a City that is working with the College within its borders to come up with a model for a city that uses renewable energy and has a sustainable economy in today's and tomorrow's world.

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What I found while looking for evidence on the Internet of a persistent rumor.

First the rumor and the fact that I did not find any supporting evidence for it: Pharmaceutical companies are actively suppressing cures in favor of treatment therapies for economic reasons.

What I found was an August 2011 report on the results of a clinical trail where they used T-cells from the patients' own blood to modify the…


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I read and hear quite a lot about donations for cancer research.

I think that donating to a cause like looking for the cure to cancer, aids, diabetes, and many others is a very noble and caring gesture. But today, a thought popped into my head that stems from a cynical coversation about the government I just had.

That thought was: Who is doing the research and where are they doing the research?

We all know that pharmaceutical companies are in it for profit. Are they controlling the majority of the research? If so, does anyone know which…


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Can you believe it?

NASA finds evidence of Extra-terrestrial aliens testing their new weapon designed to attack Earth: Full story here:

Soon, whole asteroids will be hurtling toward Earth!

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When was the last time you visited and

Our government and election process is completely broken. Open your eyes and see where it is broken. Then visit for the solutions.

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Would you buy this for your girlfriend/wife/partner for Valentines day?

If so, here's the link where you can buy it: Star Trek dot com

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