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Good Reasons for "Believing" in God - Dan Dennett, AAI 2007

His speech to the AAI in 2007 was (to use the philosopher's craft) is an entertaining, thought provoking, full of ambiguous meaning, touching on many ideas - especially other peoples' ideas.

Professor Dennett introduced the word "brights" and "super" and others. What! He created the words, brights and supers? No, he (or someone he borrowed from) added another meaning or two those words. He is using religion's long time practiced tools to "evolve" the human language into a more…


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An interesting question...

Our law makers, our doctors, our artists, our engineers, and others make decisions every day without the complete information available on a topic. And the amount of information grows daily on any given topic. On TED:

Melissa Garren: The sea we’ve hardly seen is video I was watching when Melissa said something I have known for many years, but never had the thought I had when I was listening to her. The quote is between 30 to 45 seconds into the video which you can…


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Do you remember this...

Another title to this blog might be: The first century politics of "Turn the other cheek"

Here is a link from a religious website to prove you can actually learn something from religious people:

It tells you all about it. I didn't read…


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Religion's Word Games

Human language is much older than 5000 years old. For all we know, religion is about as old as old as human language. We can all agree that religion has had a very long time to influence the evolution of human language. I say it is about time non-religious humans take control over the evolution of the human language.

I will give you just one example of what religion has done to our human language:

Think about the definition of love. When I say the word love, what am I talking…


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How do you feel about today's state of the government and the politics that run it?

I feel disgusted. You probably do too.

I watched this week's episode of Bill Moyers and Company with their guest, Marty Kaplan (found here:

In it, Marty Kaplan said; "People say they know it's a con, just as they say that they are not being swayed by the ads for products that they see on television. If…


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