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The story begins with Adam and Eve wandering happily around the garden without a stitch of clothing, just like small children. In spite of their nakedness they unashamedly chat with the Big Daddy Yahweh whenever he chooses to visit. They are blissfully unaware of the difference between good and evil so they do not realize that nakedness is immoral. Like children, they don’t have any responsibilities. There is no need to work because the garden is full of food that can simply be plucked off… Continue

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Part of the doctrine of most branches of evangelical Christianity is that it is important to convert others to the belief in order to save their eternal souls. This involves influencing others in order to sell the system.

If you want to sell an idea to someone it helps to know your audience. Going into a discussion with a set of false notions about the beliefs and values of those you are talking to just makes you sound ridiculous. You need to understand what the real issues are, not… Continue

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When a Christian decided to go soul fishing on the Unreasonable Faith site recently, his ignorance of the reality of non-belief and non-believers tripped him up.

Most Religionists are incredibly ignorant of what it means to be a non-believer. Fundamentalists of any brand are among the most naive in this respect. The gross inadequacy of their primary assumptions about the causes and characteristics of atheism is one of the reasons why attempts to reconvert the disillusioned faithful… Continue

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An atheist blogger recently outlined her experience as a commuting prisoner of a loud-mouther Bible Banger.

It made me think about what I could do to counter such an anti-social attack. Perhaps a humorous counter attack might work.

I am thinking of preparing a mini book of not-so-nice Bible quotes which I carry with me at all times in preparation for a similar attack. Then with a loud voice I can cry to the… Continue

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