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Ray Comfort's "Origin of Species" Giveaway: A Challenge

I've posted the following challenge to Ray Comfort's blog. I'm re-posting it here in hopes of showing my fellow atheists why we have nothing to fear.


You all seem to have a lot of faith in this new edition of On the Origin of Species. I’m surprised at you putting so much faith into a book which most of you have never read in its complete form and which is, with the exception of Ray’s introduction, a strong argument against… Continue

Added by OutlawGirl on September 25, 2009 at 7:49pm — 5 Comments

Jesus? Is that you? (Can anyone explain what this REALLY is?)

I just had an amazing experience!

I was standing in my bedroom, about to go to bed, and I had just set my alarm clock. All the nights in the house were off and everything was dark. I had an itch so I closed my eyes tight and started to rub them. BAM! I saw a glaring bright white light, like polished gold, in the form of three large circles, one in the center of my vision with two copies on either side (possibly in the form of a double helix?) all of equal size, made up of many… Continue

Added by OutlawGirl on September 23, 2009 at 12:16am — 5 Comments

Music Was My First Love

I first heard this song in a Thunderf00t video called The Invisible Beauty. The way Thunderf00t used this song in his video made me think about what we can accomplish through the power of science.

The universe sings to us. Every fossil, every stone has a story to tell. Even a beam of light cast off by a distant star can speak to us if we seek to understand - only to understand.… Continue

Added by OutlawGirl on September 16, 2009 at 12:48am — No Comments



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