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Genetic Memory (Flash-fiction)

By me.

Alternate title: Instinct

Long ago the Thunderbird brought rain to Vancouver island, the Nuu-chah-nulth tribe remembers. But if you ask Marlon Lowe, age thirty-two, he’ll tell you that Thunderbird’s no god. He still remembers that summer evening in 1977 when those two black thunderbirds swooped into his backyard and tried to carry him away.

Can there be any truth to this tale? On the other side of the Atlantic, Zimbabwe fishermen tell tales of the… Continue

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Even more poetry

All written by me~

This Statement is Scientifically Accurate

All your life

every dead flake of skin

sloughed off the back of your hand

contained elements

forged in the belly

of a far off sun,

and you never



Life is a Mess

tossed off clothes

pile crumpled sheets

an unmade bed


underwear drawer

an unmarked box

our baby pictures

mama’s prayer… Continue

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[Image heavy] Pterosaurs: They're just Awesome

Each picture links to the source, so you know where I found it. Basicly, I just googled them.…


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Conversation with a Creationist

This convo kept me up until 2am last night. I'm probably wasting my time on this one, which is why I was reluctant to get drawn back into the evolution vs creationism talk the other night, but when we get together it's usually inevitable.

Is there anything I can do to gain some ground? I think I need to be quicker on the draw. She types like a demon.

Dinosaurs and Carbon Dating

Outlaw (9:39:53 PM): my question though, when it comes to this ancient… Continue

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Eden: Entrapment?

Inspired by a discussion with a Christian friend of mine and this video:

This is a continuation of the argument presented in the video. When presented with this argument most theists will argue that Adam and Eve did know good and evil or that they simply knew not to disobey God, and that should have been enough. However, upon closer examination of Genesis, I don't think either of these arguments hold up. You see, I don't think that God's words are clear… Continue

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I typed "evolution love" into Google

I can't believe I never noticed this before. Apparently, you can't spell evolution without "love." If you move the letters around you can also spell "unite" and "live." There are probably a lot of words you can spell out of evolution (even "evil!") but I don't have time to find them all. Word play is fun!

Love is blind. Evolution is blind. Therefore...

Added by OutlawGirl on November 9, 2009 at 10:22pm — 6 Comments

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