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Republican Lawmaker Wants Bible to be Louisiana's State Book

I'm saddened by this for a number of reasons, one being that books should open our eyes to the wonders of our world, be they natural or human (psychological). On another level this offends me, as I once loaned to the LSU library my antiquarian books from the 1500s - 1700s, including works by the Roman orator Cicero, and a couple Greek philosophers. I see this as being anti-intellectual.…


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Typical Xian 'We're Being Persecuted' Mentality, Ancient Middle East Edition

I have a big interest in the ancient Near East, and wish now that I'd become an Assyriologist, instead of a  sailor. Anyway, tonight I was reading some ancient Persian history, and came upon a description of some of the first xians in the ancient Middle East. This was in Persia, circa 400 CE. This entry was written from a xian perspective: "The Persian bishop of Susa, who was given to impetuosity, destroyed one of the fire temples of the Zoroastrians. Complaint being made to the king, the…


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Best Description EVER of the Dangers of the Habitual Way that Media Portrays Pseudo-Science, in Comparison to Science-Based Medicine.

The following is a quote from Time Magazine, concerning the addition of Jenny McCarthy to the cast of 'The View':

ABC might argue that hiring McCarthy does not mean endorsing her vaccine beliefs. Maybe not — in a way, it may be more dangerous, muddying a vital question of public health by framing it as a “controversy” that you can hash out in a roundtable before interviewing Bruce Willis about Red 2. Maybe ABC sees McCarthy as a lateral swap for Hasselbeck — another outspoken, blonde… Continue

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Why Some Kids Have An Inflated Sense Of Their Science Skills

I've just read this story on NPR. It appears that students in countries that are mediocre at science have an inflated sense of good they are. Interesting article. Here's the link: http://www.npr.org/2012/12/21/167718275/why-some-kids-have-an-inflated-sense-of-their-science-skills

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How Much Good Can You Do? There's A Calculator For That.

Oxford University ethics professor Toby Ord encourages people to donate 10 percent of their incomes to charities, and has posted an online calculator that is supposed to show you the good that can be done with this amount. Even though the '10%' amount sounds like the xian 'tithe,' nowhere in the article is religion mentioned. Perhaps this could be the humanist equivalent? Here's the link:… Continue

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Experts Argue Against Proposed Ban On Vaccine Preservative

The preservative in question is thiomersal, an organomercury compound. Wikipedia says: "Risk assessment for effects on the nervous system have been made by extrapolating from dose-response relationships for methylmercury. Methylmercury and ethylmercury distributes to all body tissues, crossing the blood–brain barrier and the placental barrier, and ethylmercury also moves freely throughout the body. Concerns based on extrapolations from methylmercury caused thiomersal to be removed from U.S.… Continue

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Teenager's Faith At Odds With Locator Tags In School IDs

I found this on NPR. It concerns a locater chip in school i.d. cards. The student in question states that: "The mark of the beast is what the Antichrist is going to use so he can track the people." Hmmm. I might not be up on my fundamentalist theology, but isn't the Antichrist supposed to possess supernatural powers, when he/ she arrives? If s/he has to fall back on technology, then maybe s/he wouldn't be that much of a threat. Anyway, here's the link:… Continue

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Do Atheists Pose a Threat to Morality?

I mentioned somewhere else on AtheistNexus that xians fail to realize that ethics, as a field of study, originated with the ancient Greeks, who didn't attach it to the practice of their religion in any way. I found the following article on Psychology Today: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/experiments-in-philosophy/200806/do-atheists-pose-threat-morality

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Indiana Politician Will Require Teachers To Prove Everything They Say Is True

I got the link to this from the Skepchick website. Don't know if anyone else here has posted it: http://wonkette.com/491587/indiana-wingnut-will-require-teachers-to-prove-everything-they-say-is-true

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Families Of Spain's 'Stolen Babies' Seek Answers — And Reunions

I tried to post this on 'Atheist News,' but my ship's computer wouldn't let me click on the 'join' button. The story is on NPR.org, and says: "Allegations of the existence of a secret network of doctors and nuns who stole newborn babies and sold them for adoption are reviving a dark chapter in Spain's recent history." And: "The guiding principle was that the child would be better off raised by an affluent, conservative and devout Catholic family, who would also pay up to $25,000 at today's… Continue

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