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scary thought-- Mitt Romney as president. Oh no, please no!

  I'm sure that most of us in the nontheist community back president Barak Obama for a second term, especially at a time in our history when the opposition bends over backwards for those religous nuts, othewise known as christians. Can you imagine what our friends in the rational thinking spheres of Western Civilization would think, if this nation elected a fucking mormon? After Bush stole that first election, I often lose sleep thinking of such a national nightmare. It's bad enough the…


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christian propaganda

   Hello fellow free thinkers, I was recently at a local muncipal government health clinic. There on a stand with information purtaining to the clinic, and it's services was a stack of issues from a local, "community monthly publication". The title is: "Changing Times", and evident by the cross accompaning the title, and the content within; this is a christian publication! This clinic is run by the local municipality, which in turn is part of the state's department of health & hospitals,…


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 I think it is finally time for us to come out of the woodwork. I am sickened by the current state of affairs. The current G.O.P. front runners are scary; if these idiots had their way, there would be no separation of church and state. We need to rally.

Added by Giuseppe D'Avanzo on September 7, 2011 at 1:07am — 1 Comment

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