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My really fucking passionate writing style

When I joined this site, I posted the voluptuous, biting thoughts I had without restraint.  After a few days or weeks, I ceased censoring myself as well, letting out every little fine grain of hatred, irritation, or whatever that I had in me whenever I commented on whatever thing.  My, uh, creed, I guess, was as follows:

When you soften your speech and alter it for the sake of others, that is a highly arrogant thing.  Actions speak louder than words, and any action of…


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"God is Love"

There came a point in my life one time when I loved everything in a right-side-of-the-brain swimming elation.  I woke up and I was in love with/toward not only the person who had been the target of such emotions of mine in the recent past, but also everyone else.

I even, though it was painful at that time to even realize it, let alone to admit to it, loved the people that I hated.  Now, those who I hated, I hated dearly.  They were and, I…


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The weather in these parts varies outlandishly throughout the year. I've heard it said that there are two seasons here, but simplifying it down to Hot and Cold does no justice to the swarm of retched weather that we who live here have to endure:

In early January, there is high wind, dry, blowing, extremely cold, and biting. This wind is like a blundering, uncoordinated aspie in a chemistry class lab to a fragile piece of glass equipment; the slightest touch by it provides such damage… Continue

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Why Final Fantasy XII is great

Spoiler goodness for 1984, FFX, and FF12.

The battle system pwns. In all the ways that "pwn" means. The battle system defeats and embarrasses (in such a way that the defeat and embarrassment feed off one another reaching an unusually high level of reaction) all other battle systems in comparable games (that I've played (which, I admit, is limited to FF12, FFX, and FFT&A)). The battle system in Twelve kills the battle systems used in comparable games, as it kicks total ass; being… Continue

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