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‘The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth’ by Utah Author Steve Nelson

Howdy friends! Quick Announcement!

My new FREE ebook is Now available FREE at:!

‘The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth’ by Utah Author Steve Nelson

This is a FREE ebook for all! This ebook contains just 4 chapters & over 80 pics; grouped…


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In the 47th Generation

In the 47th Generation  ©2013 by Utah Author Steve Nelson.

A Scifi Action/Adventure story set nearly 1000 years in the distant future. The Earth has finally cleansed itself from the radioactivity & chemical pollutions of 20th Century man. Now Dan47 & his mate Kati47 are sent to the surface to see if life is once again possible there. Follow the adventures of Dan & Kati47 as they lead a hearty band of explorers to the…


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Updates for Everyone about my Wonderful stories, NOW ebooks!

Now as ebooks at: & Paper thru PublishAmerica;

The Problem Eliminators! ©2012 An ebook at:  See my slideshow:

Escape from the ORDER! ©2010 An ebook at:  See my slideshow:…


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The Problem Eliminators! by Steve Nelson

The Problem Eliminators! © 2012 by Steve Nelson

  An Action/Adventure story about a group of fictional retired military men, who band together to hunt down Drug Lords and traitorous U.S. Government officials! Featuring the fantastic submarine, The Barracuda! Like Amer-I-Can James Bond’s, The Problem Eliminators!  Strike without warning! Hard, fast and deadly!

See my new youtube slide show with COOL…


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Escape from the ORDER!

Escape from the ORDER!

 By Steve Nelson is a fictional look into a very real possible future. The characters are fictional but the FACTS are REAL!

  Two friends are born in a Government Training Facility & learn all that the New Order wants them to learn. They are seperated at an early age to go about their life occupations & later are reunited for the final fight for Freedom!

 "I think Escape from the…


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The Maintenance Engineer by Steve Nelson (Just a few excerpts, please enjoy)

At the edge of the Galaxy a huge starship cruises serenely.

... Unaware of a…


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TW2 Desert Trek (Nice Story Excerpts)

HELLO EVERYONE! I just wanted to let you all know about my newest Scifi/Love book now available. I write, self publish and self promote these Wonderful & HOT Scifi/Love books.

In Tomorrow’s World #1 You are introduced into the new human society via a man from the 20th Century who is awakened from a high tech hibernation experiment. In TW1 you get to experience Hot Passionate Lovemaking and a Beautiful world with its Beautiful customs. It’s Exciting & very, Very Hot!

In… Continue

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