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Venting on Prayer for Rain

"Dear god, I am asking that you alter the natural state of global weather patterns and focus precipitation in my local area. I am praying to you, oh lord, for rain. I ask this in your name, Jesus Christ, Amen."


First of all, if there was a god in charge of making things meteorologically happen, to produce weather at will, then it would be justifiable to blame the sky daddy solely for tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. In fact, it would be within our rights to be…


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Donating through Foundation Beyond Belief

Have you ever checked out the organization Foundation Beyond Belief? If not, I recommend it. In their own words: "Our purpose is to focus, encourage, and demonstrate the generosity and compassion of atheists and humanists in the interest of a better world. Of these, our primary purpose is to encourage each other to embody the highest principles of humanism, including mutual care and responsibility."

Currently they have a special link for donating specifically to provide aid related… Continue

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Coining a new term: Sinami

Sinami (n.) The wave of blame issued by the religious after a natural disaster as to why god caused said disaster.

Example: After the 8.2 earthquake killed 1042 people last month, a sinami occurred among priests and clergyman faulting abortion, homosexuality and scantily clad women as the reason for god's wrath.

We see this after many disasters, whether it be flood, drought, hurricane, tornado, volcanoes, earthquake or a tsunami. Some preacher will start ranting that we… Continue

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Marketing Atheism with Flair

For the past few weeks, I have peppering the "Pieces of Flair" Facebook application with little Atheist gems. Why? I have a few good reasons. First, I like playing with graphics, so it is enjoyable to me simply as a hobby. I mess with fonts, edit backgrounds, manipulate pictures. It's a lot of fun for me. Second, I figure Facebook, as a social network, is a great place to send out atheist messages to younger people. Teens, twenty-somethings use Pieces of Flair a lot, so throwing a couple of…


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