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Productive Dialog with Theists

Nobody enjoys a good argument more than I do, especially when I’m right.  As a counselor though, I am very much aware that most of the time heated arguments only serve to solidify the position one has already taken.  Consider the debates we see on the news.  Democrats and Republicans regularly skewer

each other.  We never see a Republican say “Gosh!  You’re right!  What was I thinking all this time?” Likewise, Democrats in debate generally don’t suddenly say “Wow!  Reaganomics really…


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How an atheist deals with the death of a loved one

A while ago I had a conversation with a friend on Facebook about dealing with the death of a loved one.  This is part of that conversation.

I've been thinking about your note that we as people tend to fear death.

My grandfather was the most ethical man I ever knew. He never went to church and even used to joke that he wasn't worried about going to hell because he would be too busy shaking all of his friend's hands. :) 

He died in December of 2000. I was in Chile…


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I was a pastor who left fundamentalism

In March of

1985 I had a “born again” experience.  I

was 18 years old, about to enter the Air Force, and had been pondering the

meaning of life for quite some time. 

When I “accepted Christ as my personal savior” everything fell into

place.  Suddenly, there were answers to

all of life’s questions.  I was on the

road to heaven and everybody who did not believe was destined for hell.  Some of my friends thought that I had lost my

mind.  In…


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