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The Expansion of Man's Senses of Identity, Conscience, and Justice in Aeschylus' "The Orestia" trilogy



Anyone who is interested in some pretty gruesome tragedies ought to learn about the curse on the House of Atreus. The tale begins with Tantalus, who tries to test the gods by feeding them his own murdered son, Pelops. The gods realize the trick (well, all but one of them), and curse…


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The paralyzed imagination of the theist

Theists have a paralyzed imagination: imaginary things have been imagined for them, and their own imaginations can imagine nothing more or less, but only what has already been prepared for them - ready-made thinking devoid of authenticity, only copied and memorized without a single original thought necessary to fit the prefabricated mold of what is supposed to pass for a mind.

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Skepticism in the Odyssey


It might come as somewhat of a surprise to modern readers (it did to me) that the Odyssey was almost fundamentally an expression of the need to have a skeptical attitude to be a good, and especially heroic, person. Homer seems to have matured to some degree between writing the…


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Undermining Reason with Faith

On at least two separate occasions in my personal life, and on many more while reading what theists have to say, I have come across an insidious argument which attempts to justify faith (through a rational argument, ironically enough!) by attempting to argue that every belief we have is grounded in faith. Here is my quick dismissal of this petulant argument:


The argument by the theists is that we have to take everything on faith, even reason. Besides the obvious objection…


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The Problem of Evil in the Book of Job



I was actually shocked by the power of the arguments I found which, as I say in the paper, show that not only is it irrational to believe in an omnibenevolent, just deity given the problem of evil, such as the frequency of undeserved suffering in the world, e.g. the suffering of…


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Thumos! The Spirit as the Source of All Value

My paper on Thumos (Spirit) and how it can serve as the basis for human value, as opposed to Plato's theory of the Good as he presents it in the Symposium


Symposium is perhaps Plato's best work, at least I found it so. It is Plato's attempt to describe Love, and through this to explain the Good. He first sets the scene of a group of 7 or so men meeting at one of their houses, when one of them comes up with a theme for the night's drinking - each of them…


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The Heroic Spirit and the Threats to It from Society

The heroic spirit, the will to persevere, is the essential virtue. All else of human value flows from this primary human value. The title of this paper is called "The Threat of Temperance to the Heroic Spirit in the Epic of Gilgamesh".

Second download: …


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The 99%ers

Could it really have come to this? Not just a whopping majority, not even 90% or 95%, but 99%? If we are talking about class warfare, we are talking of the likes of French and American revolutions magnitude, of throwing off monarchy magnitude, of the very separation of democracy from it's feeblest beginnings. Democracy was tried briefly in Athens 2000 and some years ago, and only reappeared at the pre-dawn of the 19th century. Here we go, at the dawn of the 21st century, still struggling with… Continue

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The shell conception of the body politic

It is easy and therefore tempting to conceptualize things two-dimensionally, and this is no different when it comes to thinking about society. We use bell curves and bar graphs to analyze all the different segments of society, but things are different when we want to look at society as a whole. In this case, I find it is helpful to think about society as a spherical entity, with parts of this mega-organism closer to the core of the sphere and many other parts far closer to the surface area. One… Continue

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Another rant on motivation

While watching the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, I was inspired to write about thumos. The prototypical thumotic character, in the long vein stretching from Achilles and Odysseus to Mel Gibson and William Shatner, has always been thought of as the hero, the powerful, swash-buckling, motorcycle-riding, black leather-wearing, straight-shooting, quick-witted, most-popular person. I call this the “rocket-man” persona. It is the expression of the thumotic, spirited, “eternal fire”… Continue

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A bit of a mad, stoned rant on the ethical philosophy I'm working on "thumotic-organicism"

So I've been working on my own theory of ethics, one that is I guess a form of Humanism, but Humanism is not a terribly elucidating theory by itself. It says that values are relative to people, not to a god or gods, but not a lot logically follows from this conclusion. I found a need to be more precise, so if you have that need too, read on! Otherwise this will probably bore you.

I have settled on calling my philosophy "organicism". Skipping the history of the term, and getting… Continue

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