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Skepticism in the Odyssey


It might come as somewhat of a surprise to modern readers (it did to me) that the Odyssey was almost fundamentally an expression of the need to have a skeptical attitude to be a good, and especially heroic, person. Homer seems to have matured to some degree between writing the…


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Undermining Reason with Faith

On at least two separate occasions in my personal life, and on many more while reading what theists have to say, I have come across an insidious argument which attempts to justify faith (through a rational argument, ironically enough!) by attempting to argue that every belief we have is grounded in faith. Here is my quick dismissal of this petulant argument:


The argument by the theists is that we have to take everything on faith, even reason. Besides the obvious objection…


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The Problem of Evil in the Book of Job



I was actually shocked by the power of the arguments I found which, as I say in the paper, show that not only is it irrational to believe in an omnibenevolent, just deity given the problem of evil, such as the frequency of undeserved suffering in the world, e.g. the suffering of…


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