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My mother posted a status update on facebook that states:

" DON'T BUY THE PATRIOTIC PEPSI CAN coming out with pictures of the Empire State Building, and the Pledge of Allegiance on them.Pepsi left out two little words on the pledge,"Under God."...Pepsi said they didn't want to offend anyone. So, if we don't buy then they will not be offended when they don't receive our money has the words 'In God We Trust' ..... HOW FAST CAN YOU REPOST"

I am infinitely…


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Been a While...

I know its been a while and I might be rusty so I'm going to make this blog a short one.

Recently I realized a couple of things. First of all, One of the commandments is against adultery but in the "conception" of Jesus god, who is not married to Mary, produced Jesus out of wedlock. FAIL!

Secondly the 'rock' of christianity is that god sacrificed his only son in order to forgive us of our sins that he created. Let me ask you this; if I told you that if you were tortured… Continue

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A Question

My friend asked me a question the other day. He said he has observed atheists becoming more and more like a religion so when does it get considered a religion? This was my best reply with the aid of a dictionary.

The simple answer is that atheism WILL NEVER be a religion. Why?

Because atheism is NOT a set of beliefs about cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Atheism is the observation there is no evidence for gods. That's it. Atheists can also accept evolutionary… Continue

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Belief in Science

I recently got into a discussion with a guy at work. He is a lutheran and I am an atheist, pearlist, humanist, whatever you want to label me as. He made a comment to me saying that he had his belief in god just like I have my belief in science. I haven't been able to quite wrap my head around this statement. I don't belief in science at all. I think as someone who is in school to be a scientist it would be very irresponsible to 'believe' in science. I accept the scientific method and what it… Continue

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Billboard Preaching

So I've been back in the Southern United States for a months now so I've given myself something to write about. On I-95, driving from Florence SC to Raleigh NC, I noticed a copious amount of fear inducing billboards geared at strengthening the ranks of the religious right.

One that really stood out to me was one divided vertically. On the left there was clouds and a blue sky and the other had flames and black. Across the bottom it said "Heaven or Hell? The Choice is Your's." The… Continue

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New Musical Project...

I'm in the process of recording a brand new album. Its got a mix of electronica and industrial. You atheists will get a kick out of Soulnapper. Head over to and check it out. Let me know what you think of my rough copies.

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I just watched...

I just watched a life changing movie. I don't say that often. A lot of the information I already knew but it was presented nicely and with a berth of evidence. You can watch it free at I HIGHLY recommend you watch it and get mad.

Added by Adam Johnson on May 16, 2009 at 12:02am — 1 Comment

Evolution Through Natural Selection: Does It Apply to Humans?

This is the question I have been working on of late. We know that stick bugs, for instance, are well adapted to blending in with their surroundings. The slowly evolved this defense mechanism over millions of years until it is pretty well prefected now. As the evolutionary timeline moved forward the stick bugs that looked most like a stick survived as the bright green stick bugs were eaten by birds. (This is a hypotheitcal scenario to make a point) Over time the ones that survived produced… Continue

Added by Adam Johnson on May 6, 2009 at 10:26am — 13 Comments

New Discovery.. Kind of

I tend to keep up on what's going on in the science community, although I guess it makes sense considering I'm studying to be a scientist. On May 1, 2009 soft tissue was found in an 80m year old hadrosaur femur. This falls in line with only a hand-full of other soft tissue finds by Mary H. Schweitzer at NC State University (my school). The tissue found contains osteocytes, the cells used to build bones. You can read the article at located at the bottom of this… Continue

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Science and Creationism

I know I've been slacking lately on my blog posts but I've been dealing with my typical post topics in the real-life arena. I am going to school for evolutionary biology but I still come under fire from my peers when it comes to religion and science. Many people in the science field feel that religion and science are compatible. My stance is they are actually incompatible because religion tries to nullify scientific truths.

There is the fact of Evolution and then the Theory of… Continue

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A New Observation

So I've been browsing a lot of secular sites and reading people's comments and thoughts and have come to the conclusion that atheism is building a religion. Dogma, predispositions, and close-mindedness have crept in and sullied the name.

I'm reading now that if you don't believe this or that then you're not an atheist. ATHEISM ISN'T A TITLE, ITS A DESCRIPTION. It describes one who does NOT believe in a god or higher power... That's it.

If you are looking to belong… Continue

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President Obama's "Special Olympics" comment

So if any one hasn't seen the footage I'll include it at the end of the blog. So 3-19-09 Pres. Obama was on 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno and made the comment "like the Special Olympics or something" in regards to his 129 bowling score. I personally find the comment very offensive. I have a brother with Down Syndrome. It is offensive in the same way to say "I am cheap like a kike", " drink like a mick", "lazy like a nigger" etc. I am an Obama supporter but he made it seem like the… Continue

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I think there is this huge misconception that all atheists are left-wing liberals. I don't think I fall totally into that category. First off I believe in the death penalty. Violent criminals, child molestors, rapists have the potential to be executed for their dispicable crimes. However I'm for abortion and stem-cell research. I believe that being too liberal i detrimental to society. Although The Netherlands is a very free country they are too liberal allowing for the disease of islam to… Continue

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Sexual Dichotomy

This blog is on sexuality in general, encompassing homosexuality and heterosexuality.

I went to college for psychology with a concentration in sexuality and human relationships. Through my exploits of sexuality and human interaction I have noticed a few things.

1: Everyone can distinguish between an attractive male AND female. For instance, I am straight but if I see an attractive guy I am comfortable enough to say so.

2: Everyone likes to feel good about… Continue

Added by Adam Johnson on February 10, 2009 at 1:00pm — 10 Comments

Rapture Letters: Insane?

So I discovered this gem of a site, Basically if you have loved ones who are not christian and you cannot covert then just go to this site and put their name and email address in and once all the christians are raptured away you will receive an email letting your loved one know you were raptured and are ok.

My very basic, 2nd grade question is who sends these emails if all the christians are raptured. Do they have one moderator on the site that is… Continue

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Faith Based Initiative Perspective

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The Fear of "I Don't Know"

Let me ask you a question. Is there life in our galaxy apart from us? What is your answer? Yes? No? Or is it "I don't know". Religious folks around the world fear this statement. They have nightmares about "I don't know". Religion restricts this as a viable answer. This is why many people shy away from science. They fear the unknown. Whereas I feel "I don't know" is exciting and challenging. It gives my purpose to learn.

Religious people fill the void of "I don't know" with god and… Continue

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Another Notch in the Belt of Natural Selection

I was reading through news and I came across an article about black coats in gray wolves and how they are becoming more prevalent in North America . Through studies they found that the darker coat doesn't improve camouflage as a predator or as prey. But further prodding revealed that the protein that causes the black coat is the same that helps prevent inflammation and infection in humans. I'll allow you to put 2 and 2 together but this is lovely evidence for evolution, speciation, and natural… Continue

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One Can Learn a Lesson From Book Stores

Walk into any book store with an idea of what you want. Do you want one of those poorly written Grisham's? Fiction! Do you want our new president's stances? Current Affairs! What about Bernstein Bears? Children! How about the bible? Religion! The Koran? Religion! Torah? Religion!

The book stores have the order of things correct. Those books are not located in the nonfiction section and are rightfully all lumped together in a broad section of 'Religion'.

Now walk into… Continue

Added by Adam Johnson on February 3, 2009 at 1:09pm — 1 Comment

College Bound... again

I just applied to Coker College to enroll in either their english education(9-12) or biology education(9-12) programs. Its been a few years since college but I think this will be interesting and… Continue

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