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Tolerance is not respect.

It never ceases to amaze me how people confuse ‘tolerance’ with ‘respect’. Respect is something which one earns through intellectual merits, whilst tolerance, thanks to genetic proclivities, is present in the average human being.

These delusional obscurantists have a tendency to make a wilful claim to my respect, without ever explaining how or what this respect entails.

Let me make myself clear: I respect nothing that has not proved itself deserving thereof. It does not matter…


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4 years on, no change

Upon a 4-year consideration, it strikes me that, even in our so-called enlightened West, we frequently encounter an incomprehensible display of public obscurantism, which appears to be unthinkingly smiled upon.

Why is it that bible bashers get free pitches in the town centre, that beardies proclaiming ‘the truth about islam’ get a stall in the streets, whereas poor I am doomed to pay taxes for this bollocks and would probably pay a fine for tearing up the obnoxious crap which they are…


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Ingenious excuse

Here's a machine translation from a very recent global affairs issue.…


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A concise pleading for death

There is simply not enough death in this world. Everywhere I look, I behold:

- resuscitation classes

- pension schemes

- fertility clinics

- vaccines

- charities combating famine

I ask you now: how is the overpopulation, the depletion of our resources, the mass pollution of our globe going to be dealt with if everyone simply keeps defending life?

Forsooth, anti-life is a term of which to be proud; for we,…


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All going well

Well, well, well.

I have been gloating more than anything of late, ensconced as I am in this moribund zombie country of mine.

The evolution for the good began, of course, this summer when churchies were forced to face the fact that they are people. Dear, dear, raping kiddies for Jesus, eh? Yes, I know, he said something of the sort...

Imagine my content…


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Lackaday, not even God can fix this...


William McGonagall

Pity the sorrows of the poor blind,

For they can but little comfort find;

As they walk along the street,

They know not where to put their feet.

They are deprived of that earthly joy

Of seeing either man, woman, or boy;

Sad and lonely through the world they go,

Not knowing a friend from a foe:

Nor the difference betwixt day and night,

For the want of their eyesight;

The blind… Continue

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Christian inspiration’s undying contribution unto poesy

This, I aver, for aye cracketh me up most loftily.


by William McGonagall

ALAS! now o'er the civilised world there hangs a gloom

For brave General Gordon, that was killed in Khartoum,

He was a Christian hero, and a soldier of the Cross,

And to England his death will be a very great loss.

He was very cool in temper, generous and brave,

The friend of the poor, the sick, and the… Continue

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It is a great pity that, whereas all religious communities enjoy the pleasure of receiving insult, muslims are still bereft of this privilege.

I say that this constitutes an act of discrimination and ergo an infringement of their human rights, for all religions should be spat upon equally. As atheists, let us therefore extend our generosity to those poor deprived scions of the Great Bear.

Allah has just the same right to be considered a pig as Jehovah or,…


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Do not call it common.

Every day, I am beleaguered by the unrelenting hordes who spew the phrase ‘common sense’ at me. Indeed, I may with considerably confidence claim that most aficionados of this phrase even do so unwittingly.

For once and for all: what you ‘sense’ is the result of what you perceive, i.e. the chemical strings which your brain so generously bestows upon you. It necessarily follows that your ‘sense’ is individual. It is not ‘common’ in that I, too, would…


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There should be more complacency.

The perfect situation

A Muslim and an atheist are seated in two chairs, playing chess before a fireplace, drinking tea and whisky and smoking a cigar and water pipe.

- Say, Mohammad, this praying thing of yours—it’s just for laughs, isn’t it? Just admit it: no one really believes all that crap.

- Why, Sir, whilst I feel an amount of indignation at your blatant condescension, I cannot but concede that intellectual honesty coerces me into acquiescing… Continue

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Misanthropy is good for you.

‘A Misanthropist’s Miscellany’ was the title of a cycle of 100 grotesque poems which I wrote nearly 15 years ago. If that says anything, it has to be: I am a misanthropist and always have been. Now, this ought never to have posed a problem, had it not been for the fact that misanthropy is generally considered a bad thing.

Yet rest assured: there gapes a gargantuan ghyll betwixt being antisocial and being anti-societal. For instance:

1. I do not like going to… Continue

Added by Tom Pandelaere on January 9, 2010 at 12:38pm — 4 Comments

All things come to he who waiteth.

A safe haven for inditing has at last become mine, and as I descry the multitudes, I resolve to write the choicest miscellany in the foreseeable future.
But first: dinner.

Added by Tom Pandelaere on January 5, 2010 at 10:30am — 1 Comment


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