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Crushing Irreducible complexity

This is a post in progress. I am trying to come up with a (somewhat) basic argument that shows the pointlessness of the irreducible complexity argument. Please leave comments, questions, and ideas for improvement.

Let us suppose a biological system. Gene A performs action X. Gene A evolves to function as a tetramer.

In the format:

Gene group -> action


Now, suppose gene A duplicates in the genome (see the case of the Hox cluster). Gene A… Continue

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More Woo from the New Age crazies

How to you Pendulums for Dowsing and Divination!

New Age "psychics" are incredible inventive when it comes to finding ways to do supernatural stuff with everyday crap. One of these is pendulum dowsing: a technique done with a paper clip and string that can tell the future!

The article gives clear directions:

1) Make a pendulum out of something… Continue

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