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Thanks for all the great responses!

These responses are terrific! Now I have lots more gems to offer up to the true believers, if and when they will actually talk to someone who doesn't profess to have their god delusion.

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Ask a believer if

Ask a believer if there was a God/god who created the universe and humanity, why didn't he/she fix a few things......for example, why such a big pit in an avocado? Why 80% nitrogen in our atmosphere? I mean if a creator wanted us to be happy, why not throw in a little Nitrous Oxide instead of all that nitrogen? Probably be less war, people would be happier, and oh, yeah....any nasty side effects could have been abolished by the god, surrounding humanity with a healthy atmosphere....was the… Continue

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New books on Evolution

My recent favorites are, "Why Evolution is True", by Jerry Coyne, which is extremely readable and beautifully composed; and, "Your Inner Fish" by Neil Shubin, which looks at the embryonologic evolution of humans. I hope people will read Coyne and Shubin. I also just got "Evolution---the first 4 billion years" eds., Michael Ruse and Joseph Travis. It is very well done and is a great reference, covering a wide range of subtopics.

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