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How dare I stare into the eyes of the universe?

How dare I stare into the eyes of the universe when the infinite darkness between the stars can swallow me whole in just one glance and when reflecting on time my consciousness is raised yet suffocated at the thought that I exist in just a fraction of a speck of time’s infiniteness? As insignificant as I may feel, I am the universe, at least a scrap of it, and if I thought the universe were conscious, I would criticize it for being cruel to allow me to live, love, be aware, and become attached… Continue

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Intolerance towards Intolerance

Is he who is intolerant towards intolerance any more justified to be intolerant then the intolerance he is being intolerant towards? Does his intolerance towards intolerance not make him a hypocrite?

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Romancing free will

Romancing free will is but an attempted love affair, a love affair with one’s self, with control, an effort towards independence from the causal environment. But because we are part of the casual environment, no real betrayal can be made, for any attempt to divorce from ones arranged marriage would be determined by the very union one is attempting to break. We are in wedlock, a civil union where we take on the role of both spouses. Not only are we casualties of our environment but also… Continue

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What’s the point if we have no control?

Determinism doesn’t give a squat about the meaning of something. It simply acknowledges that the motion of events\actions are due to a perpetual cause and effect relationship.

Those who think there is free-will on the other hand, they claim they have control and choices, that they are free from causality, and have control to work towards some seemingly meaningful purpose. It seems more meaningful to the individual specifically when they think they have control. So among other… Continue

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The ancestral smile

As the momentum builds,
the air increasingly glides through your fingers
until, Wham!
Your palms collide.

As soon as you can peel your hands off of each other,
Wham! Wham!… Wham!
Again, you repeat
with great apelike movements.

A primitive means to communicate indeed,
Your hands red and stinging, yet a grin,
following the air between your fingertips
an ancestral smile lights up your face.

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Memetic Debris - Enjambement

Children’s personification of inanimate objects compliment their imaginary friend complex and subjects them to being unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy to the point of where even as an adult they cling to an Imaginary attic friend whom they have been conditioned to believe really exists and should be referred to as an almighty omniscient god whom spares no rod to those without faith to worship it’s name and proclaim to all others that they too need to worship this invisible “who”… Continue

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Our father who art not in heaven

The fattest fairytale ever fed

fixes a folly to foil ones head.

Flattering its host with features to attract,

it forges a fiction flavored like fact.

It’s firm to force that flesh will fade

and fibers internal are forever in grade.

Made in faith this figure does flower,

framed as the most famous, favorite, phantasmal power.

Our father who art not in heaven,

figure in yet another seven

days or more

to free us from each and every… Continue

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The Dark McDonald

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I was inspired to create the "The Dark Mcdonald" after my wife called me and told me that our kids school teachers would be helping at Mcdonalds this evening to raise money for some cause. She wanted to take the kids there and get some food so the kids could see their teachers. I… Continue

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