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To all former Christians - Bible study

First off, let me say that I've never been a church-goer. I'm not an ex-Christian at all. I was raised irreligious so the following only illustrates my ignorance on this matter.

Recently I had a client who was talking about having bible study tonight. I nod my head and go "Mmm...hmm" (I drive senior citizens around; doctors appointments, grocery shopping, etc). This post is not about my client. It's about bible study.

What popped into my head is the blatant contradictions… Continue

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God Thinks - Voltaire

God Thinks - Voltaire

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Communion, denied

Reading this right-wing article I was struck with the notion that it only seems that public officials seem to be the only target for this Canon 915.

Link to article: Will Denver Catholic Archbishop finally enforce Canon 915?

So I was wandering, why not the flock. If it were the case to hold back Communion because of somebodies involvement with abortion then why not all the women, and those who supported… Continue

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The Problem With Atheism

Recently I've had a conversation with a friend of mine and admitted that I am an agnostic.

Really!?! You Ask.

Yes, but only in the singular and truest sense. Meaning this: I CAN NOT

know what happens after I die and whether there is a god awaiting or if

there is an afterlife at all. This does not define my outlook on

religion exclusively though. After all we are all agnostics whether we

like it or not. There's always that "question" though: What… Continue

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Art of Graffiti


More at Art of Graffiti

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Judge Orders Prayer in Court - Associated Press

ANDALUSIA AL (2008-08-15) An Alabama judge who once wore the Ten Commandments embroidered on his robe has been accused of violating judicial ethics for ordering a group in his courtroom to hold hands and pray.

More from source: Judge Orders Prayer in Court

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Two Gifts

Jawa and FSM

This past weekend my wife and I were visiting my sister-in-law and our nephew had his toys out on the floor. He had like four Jawa BK toys (the eyes light up when you squeeze his belly). I was like "Man! I want one!" jokingly. Well, one of the Jawas belonged to our niece and she decided she wanted to give it to me (so sweet!). So there it sits.

Wait! Who's that next to my Jawa!?

This one is a gift from my mom… Continue

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Idea for some tattoos I want to get


These are two things that will never change throughout my life.

There are a couple of rationale behind it.

1) When I get old and have dementia and there is the possibility that no one can speak for me, this will be kind of a "statement" for others to abide by. Like: "Don't feed me anything that comes from an animal" and "Don't send me to church".

I drive around senior citizens and disabled persons (it's my job...and I absolutely… Continue

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