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Bob McDonnell.....The Religious Right's Nightmare

I am a Virginian.....Bob McDonnell is our  ex-Governor.....He was just convicted  of 11 of 13  felonies and his wife with  9 felony counts......The case  against him was that he  used  his office as Governor  to receive  $170,000  in gifts from a pharmaceutical firm promoting  their  tobacco drug......He refused  a plea  deal, gambling that   jury  would find him innocent.....During  the trial  he threw his wife  under the bus  blaming  her  for everything and  humiliating her  in front of…


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ISIL/ISIS Here we go again !!!!

ISIS   wants  to draw the West into  the Middle  East  again so they can obliterate  us.......Why should  we have to fight  on their terms?      The West has  the superior force of arms  and technology, we should fight  on our  terms......ISIL   means  the Islamic state of Iraq  and the Levant......The Levant  is the biblical name  of what is  now  Israel, Palestine, Jordan,Syria, Lebanon and some say  the Sinai....Therefore  their goal  is  to control the…


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About that Bible

WE all tend  to make fun of the bible because  of God  and his many  miracles....However  the expression  `throwing the baby  out with the bathwater'  applies  here'......The bible should be renamed  the Book of Ancient history......My point is  if you take out  all references  to God  and his many  miracles, all that is left  are  stories  of real people  who  actually  shaped  our lives in many ways......The so called bible  gets  the dates  wrong, but  archaeological  digs  can  verify…


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Respect for other peoples culture

I am proud to be an Atheist and I enjoy  discussing various  topics  on A/N......I may  not believe in God  or all the  fables  in the  Old or New testament, but some of us do believe in traditions from our culture  unrelated  to any Theistic  belief.....Maybe  being  Jewish  is unique, because it is a rich culture with  a very long history as well as being a religious faith......I may  have  rejected the religious  part but  certain traditions are important to me  because  they define  who…


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Where do you want to be buried?

Have any of you  really thought about it?.........Do you want to be buried in a religious  cemetery, after all the things  we say about Theists......Many of us  do want to be interred with family members...but what about those  families that have disowned  their Atheist son or daughter?......Maybe  what we need is a place  for Non Believers  to rest in peace......How about   a green funeral  where  the coffin  disintegrates  easily into the surrounding earth to enrich  new life.....I do know…


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We Are Not Alone in the Universe

I just read  a fascinating article  in the Washington Post, that  our  scientists now believe  that  we are getting  very close  to finding Earth's  twin in the Universe......This  planet  is  about as far away  from its sun  as we are to ours...This planet  seems  to show a presence  of  liquid  on its  surface....Scientists  conclude  that  its  atmosphere  is conducive  to life.....A new  telescope  is set  to begin  operation  by 2016  called  the Wells  telescope, and it  will be  much…


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Islam vs Nazism

After reading the blog on this  and watching the video....It left me  depressed  and gave me the chills.....If  what they say is true...WWIII is coming.......The West  may be stronger  but  the Islamists  have us beat in numbers.........Since  Islamists feel their god is  the only true  god  and  they  are more than willing  to die  for their  cause  one can't  help but feel  like  something  Horrific  is  about…


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