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UPDATE: Relgious Licence Plates Ruled Unconsitutional

Remember when Florida and South Carolina decided that Christian themed license plates were a good idea? After all, what is a better medium to announce your beliefs (as long as they are Christian) than a license plate? Full Story

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Twitter's Free Speech Fail

Today was a very interesting day in the Twitterverse. This morning, Reverend Run (of RUN DMC) tweeted, “Know God, Know Peace. No God, No Peace.”. This clever use of words (as it often does) got theists all excited and they started obsessively retweeting the tired cliché.

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Well, I've Been Parodied

The New Agnostic touts to be "a blog of limited thought from a fence sitting moderate". In his latest post, The New Agnostic examines the pros and cons of Columbus day. . The issue is danced around in a way that only a hardened agnostic can, and in the end no solid conclusions are reached.


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The New Atheist, or The New Democrat?

I’ve received some criticism regarding my recent concentration on politics and my neglect of religious, atheism, and science news. If you would indulge me, I would like take a moment to address these concerns.

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9/11 and the Moral Poverty of Religion

When tragedy strikes, as it did on September 11, 2001, it is only natural for us to look for higher meaning amongst such chaos. As empathetic and curious beings, we ask standard questions. Why did this happen? Who could have done this? Will there be justice? Can I help? And, most importantly for our purposes, what could motivate someone to kill themselves (and near 3,000 innocent people) in such a brazen act. Self preservation is of course, the most powerful instinct.… Continue

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Trial to Begin for Parents Who Let Daughter Die

Anyone remember Ava Worthington? She was the subject of one of my first (and admittedly bad) blog posts back in 2008. Carl and Raylene Worthington were her unbelievably cruel parents, the people who let their 15 month old daughter suffer for months before dying. Simple antibiotics would have saved her young life. This is the same couple that lost another child in 2001 under questionable circumstances. Well Carl and Raylene are back in the news.… Continue

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Theist Troll Provides Fodder; Laughs

Well it finally happened. I have a troll for Jesus. He has left comments on several of my post attacking me, and other commenters. Here are the attacks made against me, and my responses in kind. More.

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What Does "Missing Link" Mean to Atheists?

Creationists must be in full denial mode. I’m sure it won’t be long before they put out an anti-science rebuttal attacking any 'holes' they can (crocoduck). Interesting sure, but what does this matter to an atheist? More.

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Are you sick of your wife spending all your money? I know I would be if I had a wife; money. What is a fella to do? Take a vacation to Saudi Arabia and beat that bitch’s ass! Homie don’t play that in…

Are you sick of your wife spending all your money? I know I would be if I had a wife; money. What is a fella to do? Take a vacation to Saudi Arabia and beat that bitch’s ass! Homie don’t play that in Islam! More Continue

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Teen Threaten By Theists Over Prom

Tyler Frost attends a fundamentalist Baptist school in Findlay, Ohio. Foot Loose High School, err, Heritage Christian High School doesn’t allow dancing, rock music, hand holding, or kissing. But that's not the isssue, its what Tyler wants to do off school grounds that has made national news. More

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In Afghanistan, the U.S. Military Tried to "Hunt Souls"

A newly surfaced video shows U.S. soldiers and officers plotting to circumvent military regulation and begin proselytizing to Afghans. In the video you can clearly see bibles on the floor, turns out these bibles were specially made for this purpose. They were printed for distribution in Pashto and Dari, two local languages. More

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In America, Everyone Deserves the Right to Murder Their Family

Coming off an unprecedented few months of gun violence and murder. Another terrible story developed when Tony Ryan Bellar's wife, Wendy Bellar, wanted to leave him. Upon hearing the bad news, Tony did what any reasonable husband and father would do. He picked up his 7.62 mm rifle and murdered his family. More

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Creationist Says Science Relies to Heavily on Faith

Ray Comfort is a creationist. You may remember him from the Crocoduck video I posted last weekend. Ray has a blog called (for some reason, I don’t quite get it) “Atheist Central”. Today Ray posted attacking evolution, and the so-called “pope of evolution”, The New Atheist favourite (that’s for you, my Commonwealth friends) Richard Dawkins. The article is full of glaring hypocrisies, I almost didn’t want to post about it, as it’s just too much.… Continue

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Evangelicals are Biggest Backers of Torture (Surprised??)

A Pew Survey found that 54% of Americans who attend church at least once a week support the torture of so-called enemy combatants “often” or “sometimes”. That number drops 12% for people who rarely or never attend services. But it was the evangelical Protestants, (you know, the literalists, the creationists, the kings of intolerance) who ran away with it. More

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I want YOUR THOUGHTS on the Florida Jesus plates controversy

I’m know you have all heard that Florida Legislature is considering allow people to buy (from the state) Christian themed license plates. There are two new novelty plates being purposed, one depicting Jesus being crucified and another depicting a cross in front of a stained-glass window. I'm not sure where I stand on this, I'm curious to know what do other atheists think? More.

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Am I a Militant?

I was reading Pharyngula this weekend, when I read a post regarding the distortion of atheists’ goals by an English newspaper. While I agree with Mr. Meyers argument that the goals of the atheist community are being skewed by the Telegraph, since atheists’ views are misrepresented all the time I can’t say I was surprised by it. But something did stand out to me. More

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The Struggle is Against Faith, Not One Specific Doctine

Rethinking Our Positions Can Help Our Cause

I think as atheists, we need to be careful about the language we use (me included) in attacking religion. Too often we tend to argue against a particular religion, usually Christianity here in the U.S., or in my case, Islam. More

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Creationist Boob in the Hot Seat in Texas

Ah, Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist and scourge of secular Texans. Don is in a lot of trouble you see, after thrusting Texas into the national spot light when he pushed for looser language in the education standards that would allow creationism in the classroom. More

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On Earth Day, Administration Sets its Sights on the Enviroment

Focusing on a cap and trade market and renewable energy, President Obama has thus far lived up to his campaign promise to reverse several Bush administration policies and combat global warming. President Obama will face stiff opposition to his agenda from the special interest firms of the “Big Polluters”.


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