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What has been happening at Pharyngula

I have been gone from here for a while, not because I want to, or am too busy. That would be a lie. I have work to do as all of us do, and things that have nothing to do with atheism, and also just get distracted.

I participate far less than I used to in the old days of eGroups and such, because I want to have something fresh and useful to offer. a 'Me too' is nothing but bloat, so I don't, and in a thread that is nearing 2,000 posts, much of it repetitive, I am not going to jump on… Continue

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War on Christmas?

Pharyngula has this post up:

The Xmas war is a funny thing; I would think the logical thing to do would be for xians who want us to remember the reason for the season be berating…

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This is as wacky as Sarah Failin's 'anti-witchcraft blessing.

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You Can't Do This Here

I am a Federal Employee. Fair enough that this site should be blocked, as we should only be doing work things, but are others? Let's make sure. I can keep my Atheism at home, as long as the Theists do, and they don't do a great job here. I see religious jewelry all the time. Block everyone, or I will dare to wear a scarlet A and see what happens.

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On the recent rash of publicized suicieds of gay teens

This has been going the rounds of the atheist blogs lately:

Wow. some powerful and raw stuff. I teared up too, because Councilman Joel Burns was speaking so authentically and so obviously from the heart. I had heard of a couple of cases, but he shined the light on some I did not recall reading about, a couple of the younger kids, and hey were just as tragic as well. I have to wonder how often this happens and doesn't get any media attention - you know we're… Continue

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Because I'm either a dummy who doesn't understand how to add comments, or this site is broken

I love these comments. The meatloaf one especially, because all I can think about Meatloaf is "It's a tender subject" and some over the top videos. I want to see Meatloaf and Christine do that Paradise By The Dashboard Light. On The View, because who else would show that?

Freddy, I also like the idea of more 'regular people getting involved as well. I am sick of the usual crowd of lawyers (or Liars, as Hugh in The Riches called them, but certainly was glad to have a good Liar in his… Continue

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Bitch, You ain't me

I bet everyone's seen this latest excretion from this batshit-crazy professional attention whore, Christine O'Donnell.

Is this what passes for political ads anymore? Weak ass piano tinkle music that belongs in a 70's maxi-pad ad, and a background from your local mall's Olan Miller photography studio. If she payed someone good money for this 30 second doody-bubble, she got robbed. Caligula making a horse a Senator has more class than this woman; please please… Continue

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Satan's Little Helper

Most pagans (99.9%) will tell you that Satan is a christian boogey-man, and that modern witches don't believe in him. So why would a goddess-loving (and horned god-loving) pagan migrate to the Satanists?

I think for me it boiled down to the pagans getting fluffy-bunny in recent years. Before there was a computer in every house, and only a few had the interwebs, there were pagan publications - Green Egg, new Moon Rising I both subscribed to, and bought some other ones at Borders (I… Continue

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Reply to ProgRock girl (since comments aren't working)

I married an immigrant too. He is English and a skilled carpenter (now a contractor). we got married for love, or at least I thought so at the time. I still think how does any of this hurt another? Straights have been doing it for decades - why can't my gay friends get married and have the same civil rights? They pay taxes, correct?

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To Kevin

Site still broken - here is my response to you:

Dear Kevin,

I am so aware of what you say. My Mom died of cancer, and my dad died of a fatal heart attack after getting a clean bill of health from his doctors. I tried to talk to them, but i was the odd red haired step child in the shed, so to speak. It's not good to take the illusions away from those who need them. There are times I wish there was a deity who loved me and looked after me, but I am happier with the truth, and I… Continue

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Buttons aren't working

Can't answer Feralboy12's comment, so I will put it here:

Feralboy12 wrote:

Jesus' words on marriage, from Luke 20:35: "But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage."

Marriage is so sacred that, according to Jesus, it makes you ineligible for heaven. >>

Well damn. Me, the Beaver's family, the Brady's and the Waltons are going to Hell. Please tell me that… Continue

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What do you read?

I Love Pharyngula and Hemants Friendly Atheist. I am a girl who can't get enough of science, so point me to the blogs that you love.


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Poor Oppressed White Guy

Oh wow.

Another day at the job where I bite my tongue so hard it shreds in my mouth.

Most of us who are working outside the home have to work with other people. Sometimes, no, for me most of the time, my co-workers are like family. Not in the way that i feel so very close to them, but we spend an awful lot of time together. In close quarters. Yes, it's government work, so I can't talk a lot about it, but I don't need to to tell this story. It's probably a familiar story to… Continue

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A day with a good theist friend

I can't seem to stop spewing. I had a lovely day with a co-worker who is a friend, and a christian in a broad sense3, as she is not of any denomination, and I don't think she's actually read the bible (buy-bull) cover to cover, and she also hols some weird ideas about karma and destiny.

She knows where I stand on things. We agree to disagree, for the most part, but we are becoming closer, and I do call her my friend.

I like to say we are of the same age, even though she… Continue

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More Pagan Musings

I have a dear friend who is a Pagan, much like I was, although she belongs to an organized Orthodox Egyptian Temple. Even in my Witchcraft years, I gave this org the side-eye, because *my* paganism wasn't organized; there were no tithes, no set scripture (my paganism was very Earth-centric, so me and my ilk went by what the land was telling us, whatever that meant - I guess I still use that in gardening).

I wrote a Live Journal post comparing and contrasting the good science has done… Continue

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A Journey from There to Here

It's a story I want to tell. It's my story, and I think it might be the story of others who find themselves Atheist after a long journey.

There are plenty of stories about the cruelty of Abramaic religions (The Big three) and many reject that out of hand as soon as they learn some science or even some compassion for their fellow beings. Majority religions get plenty of criticism; you have the Big Three hating on each other, and in my country, Islam has surpassed Judaism for the Big… Continue

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