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Meeting Cheryl

Meeting Cheryl

I was married at 22 years of age, it was 1980 and I thought I loved her.

She was a Baptist girl who grew up in a family where her dad worked 3 jobs to make ends meet. He was a captain in the police department by day, and worked several night jobs.

When I pulled into the driveway to pick Pat up for our first date in my shiny 1976 Grand Prix, he was next to the driveway in overalls chopping wood with an axe. He was a large… Continue

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Volkswagen’s, Reefer and Subjective Thought

I didn’t have a lot of friends when I was in High School, but the ones I had were good. I was, for all practical purposes, an only child. My brother was 12 years older than I was, and he died when I was only 10 years old.

I have always felt that being an only child for so long gave me an advantage, in that I didn’t have to deal with anyone my own age unless I wanted to. If I got tired of one of my friends company I just went home and entertained myself. The friends I had were friends… Continue

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Something bothers me about this place

Why can't AN simply send whatever the comment is to my email. Why must I log in to see it. I'm afraid that is going to be a deal breaker for me here. I haven't the time to be paying this much attention to AN's needs for attention.

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"Did you turn my steak?”…


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Almost Busted

We had just scored two four finger ounces of grass. Not the good stuff, but when you have a bong, it’ll do.

We had an unopened six-pack on the floor of the back seat, and a ball of fragrant opium.

We set them in the console between the seats of my newly rebuilt GTO and went out looking for a party. Woody was riding shotgun, he was 17 and looked like a hell’s…

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Nothing wrong with a little pussy!

Are cats for true Christians?

Is it appropriate for a Christian to own a cat, in light of their past pagan religious affiliation and the medical information that is now coming to light? -J.R., U.S.A.

It would be misleading to answer this question with either a simple 'Yes' or a 'No.' The Scriptural answer of necessity must be a 'qualified' one, and it is easy to see why. Many conscientious ones among Jehovah's people today have wondered if Christians should own cats in view of… Continue

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In the Beginning

If we take a little imaginary trip back in time to the era when Homo sapiens first started to evolve into modern humans, we might see the beginnings of some concepts that are still in place today.

For instance, it is quite likely that humans invented god(s) as explanations for unexplained events in nature. Slowly as knowledge grew, those god(s) were replaced with knowledge, but not until they were firmly embedded as memes.

Most holy writ has some story about origins, and some of those… Continue

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus!

It's so good to see this place gaining new interactive members daily. The folks I've found so far are extremely intelligent and fun. It's good to have a new blogging home, even though I have yet to do any serious blogging. We should all take the next few weeks to get to know some of the new members, and make this place what we have all been wanting ever sinse blogging first started.

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Transitional fossils

Transitional fossils are under attack, the ultimate straw man argument.

Everywhere you look these days, ignorant people who are caught up in the delusion of theism are calling out one mantra in a loud voice, "show me the transitional fossils".

No other request is so poignantly telling as this. Transitional Fossils like half bird and half lizard, or half monkey and half homo-sapiens. It’s a request that tells us that they don’t know that they don’t know. That is about as bad as… Continue

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Philo topic #1

Many people believe both that (i) there is an all knowing God, and that (ii) we humans can rightly be held responsible (praised, blamed, rewarded, punished) for at least some of the things that we do. But some contend that i and ii are incompatible — that if i is true then ii must be false (and vice versa).

Consider these six propositions (a-f) . . .

(a) There is an all knowing God.

(b) Someone knows and always has known everything there is to know.

(c) Long before I… Continue

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Islington Council Let's Be Fair.

In an article found here, an interesting side note has occurred to me, perhaps late.

Read the artilce before commenting. There are other threads on this forum as well, but I don't see anything addressing my points.

The Islington council doesn't have the power to decided whether Lillian Ladele's beliefs warrent special… Continue

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American Bison is Proof Of Creationism

Over at Pharyngula on July 11th.doc Full version with links.

Over at Pharyngula on July 11th, a post brought something to my attention. It was a post about incomplete mediastinum in Bison. Mediastinum is a separation device for the lungs of an animal, simply. It allows each lung a separate cavity, but in the case… Continue

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Go Ahead and Brag

Oh, the insufferable necessity of being constantly reminded of how many members are on at any given point in time. AN swaggers, drunk with new found popularity. Actually I think they just put that on peoples pages where nothing else is going on. Let's face it, Fridays arent the best blog days, work crews tend to blow off even more steam than usual and who wants to miss that carnival. It's so nice to know that my simpatico host, AN, and I share a similar vice, OCD. I'm addicted to blogging and… Continue

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Is this MY SPACE?

It seems that this place is more like My Space for atheist than I thought. Lots of discussions, but little in the way of blogging.

I feel rather giddy about meeting so many like minded people. I sure hope we can make this a primary blog place. It would be nice to get in on the ground floor.

I am a Xangan, I like their format which seems more conducive to conversations than it is for meeting people. I guess there are only so many things any blogsphere does, which expresses itself… Continue

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The PZ Effect

Well, apparently when PZ Myers came to Atheist Nexus so did several hundred of us minions. I'm not quite sure how I feel about being a minion, I mean, what should I expect AS a minion? Are there benefits? Free sex? Virtual settings like these are always fun the first day or so, but what about next week, or the week after?

Last thing of this sort I joined was Verve Earth, which was cool, you get to see where other bloggers are around the world much llike a google earth format, but you have… Continue

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The Wizard of ID

The Wizard of ID

In an article by Scientific American, found here, titled, Bisexual Species: Unorthodox Sex in the Animal Kingdom Homosexual behavior is common in nature, and it plays an important role in survival, we find the story of two penguins named Roy and Silo.

The Discovery Institute, (DI) wrote this article in answer to the above.

They boil it down to the essential propositions;

Proposition #1: Birds do it

Proposition #2: Bees do it

Proposition #3:… Continue

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