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Where are the TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS?!!?!?!!

Very Common question Mr. Creationist.

I hear this argument almost everyday, often the simplest answer is "read a book" or "please visit a museum"


The fact of the matter is that transitional fossils are in abundance. I agree, there might not be as much as we should expect, however that is due to many different factors: environmental, positional, geographical and many other technicalities which diminish the number of fossils that are found or that will be…


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"Smart Creationists"

I often come across the occasional "smart" creationist, who has either some degree of study in some scientific field but still "incorporates their faiths" and beliefs into their degree of choice. They claim that science itself is a testament of god's wonder, and that science actually complements the existence of god.


The argument they often ASSAULT me with the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics as if they believe  I have no idea what they are -__-, which sometimes pisses me…


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If evolution is true, why have we stopped evolving?

Its me again, retaliating to creationists stupid arguments. This is one that comes up momentarily in debates and discussions. "why have we stopped evolving?" I will now arm you on how to respond.


First of all, we must understand evolution. Evolution is the change within a specie, due to adaptation of its environment. Precisely why it is documented that people that live in high altitudes literally have bigger hearts.


Now there's a simple answer, we did not STOP…


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god is my healer

People that claim to have experience miraculous healing or giving eye-witness accounts of such, plague me all the time. Now I could write a long-ass blog explaining the many scientific studies done on prayer as well as the power of the mind. namely: the placebo effect. But I won't as I am very tired. There is one simple question however that I ask theists when they mention healing and it is quite simple:


Since god is such a miraculous healer, why doesn't he heal…


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why haven't we ever seen a crocoduck??Ray comfort and Kirk cameron

Mr. Kirk Cameron alongside his idiot friend Ray Comfort carries this picture around on their debates of a "crocoduck" a half crocodile half duck creature. They use this picture in order to disprove evolution, without knowing they are actually PROVING evolution. Let me explain.


Its simple really, this blog will be very short. A crocoduck cannot exist because crocodiles and ducks evolved from different branches of the evolutionary tree. The Archosaur, which is a branch of…


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A building cannot assemble itself, there must be a builder. This proves god.

"Look at the perfection of design, that must suggest a designer"...or some similar argument is made by theists regularly and has become one of their church hymns. Many of them say that if a bomb goes off in a junkyard, that cannot create a fighter jet;Therefore a designer must exist for "creation.".....ummm ot really Mr. Theist.

One must be careful when debating this topic with theists as they have alot of holes they will try to suck you into.

Firstly, explain to Mr. Theist…


Added by Antonio Chambers on May 30, 2011 at 6:30pm — 14 Comments

Atheism is a religion

Really? Is it?......Theists always bring this up during debates and discussion for whatever reason..I don't know. However, this is a silly notion as atheism is neither a belief or a religion but LACK of belief and LACK of religion. The prefix "A" before theists should be clearly seen as the absence of something, but then again theists don't use common sense.


The Merriam-websters dictionary defines religion as; "(1) The service and worship of God or the…


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If you don't believe in god, where do your morals come from??

Once again, during debates and/or discussions, this is another question that i am asked quite often.

"IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR MORALS?" or more "intelligent" theists will phrase it similarly; "what is the basis for your morality, absolute morality."

Now there are many ways to attack this ridiculous statement. Firstly, jab at them and ask; what f*cking morality? Judging the judeo-christian god, his morality involves stoning adulterers. killing… Continue

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I am no longer an atheist

I want to tell everyone I am no longer an atheist. Today at 6:01pm, May 21, 2011. i heard a loud trumpet sound and there was a MASSIVE earthquake, and i saw bodies from graves being lifted up into the air, some belonging to my christian family and friends. There were also several dead bodies walking around. I saw jesus christ descend from the sky taking up his followers to meet him. i began crying because I knew the truth all along, but i didnt listen. The end is definitely here, and i now wish… Continue

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What if you're wrong

Christians LOVE to use the argument ;"what if you're wrong. If you're wrong you lose everything, but if I'm wrong i lose nothing." This is called PASCALS WAGER, and it is a silly little argument. To an inexperienced atheist this could become a stumbling block so let me advise you how to counteract this fatuous argument.


Firstly you can jab at them and say, "you're being a coward." And besides, wouldn't god sense your insecurity and know you're just trying to get out of hell?…


Added by Antonio Chambers on May 21, 2011 at 1:54pm — 3 Comments


This is another argument i hear almost everyday, usually following the "evolution is only a theory" argument. I will be addressing how you should counteract this argument.


Firstly, you can throw a little jab at them and say " That's like asking If europeans migrated to America, why are there still europeans?" Now while they're scratching their heads at this, explain to them that men did NOT evolve from monkeys; but that we share a common ancestor with chimpanzees. This…


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Evolution is only a theory

How often have you heard theists say this? Personally I hear it at least 5 times a week. while walking around my college campus with atheist and evolution shirts I'm often stopped and asked about my belief. example one shirt I have says " Fine, I evolved, you didn't", so sometimes I spark quite interesting discussions on campus. Now as a scientist I am often insulted when people say "Evolution is only a theory" for 2 reasons.


1) They don't actually know what a theory…


Added by Antonio Chambers on May 15, 2011 at 12:49pm — 17 Comments

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