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Reason #1467 I love my wife

A while back we were standing in line in Costco and we look over and standing in a nearby line is an older fellow in a peculiar outfit. He was wearing cargo pants made out of a fabric with the American Navy logo all over it. He had white hair and a white handlebar moustache (to give you an idea of what I meant by "older fellow"). He was also sporting a white t-shirt with the following on the front in large letters:

"God Fearing

Gun Owning



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Disturbing trend in politics

I'll start off by admitting that I don't know how "new" this trend is, hence the reason I did not give it that qualifier in my title; however, it is something that has recently begun to stand out to me.

I've noticed a disturbing trend in politics of restating or informing people that alternate opinions or concerns exist, while at the same time saying and doing absolutely nothing to actually address them.

Example:  Fill out, create or sign any given petition on Whitehouse.gov…


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Pity the Priesthood?

Before you sharpen your pitchforks and light the torches, let me qualify that title with:  Not all of them!

Those who are child molesters, or knowingly aid such vile excuses for humans deserve all of the scorn and contempt they get from any thinking human.

That said, I was thinking the other day of how religion is basically a mind virus that has permeated and infected much of humanity for millenia.  Then the thought struck me that if that is the case, should we not feel…


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I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but just a quick thought upon seeing another pick of Pope Palpatine riding around in his popemobile...  

Isn't it obvious that even he doesn't believe in God if he's that worried about being assassinated?  Wouldn't "God" protect him if he's supposed to be "His" emissary on Earth?

Contrary wise, if it's his time to go, wouldn't "God" make it happen no matter how much bulletproof glass he's surrounded by?

How to believers not…


Added by Jas Brimstone on February 3, 2012 at 9:57am — 2 Comments

Best bit of directing ever!

My wife and I were privileged enough to be able to see the world premier of Hamlet in the Original Pronunciation (since Shakespeare's time) this past weekend.  There were some odd cuts in the script, and the original brogue took a little getting used to, but over all it was an excellent production beautifully acted and directed.


Why am I posting this on an Atheist blog?  Because of one particularly amusing bit of directing.  In the scene where Hamlet is reading a book and…


Added by Jas Brimstone on November 15, 2011 at 12:31pm — 1 Comment

The Box: A movie review

As Sci-Fi goes, The Box is somewhat standard issue for circa 1970s pulp.  A simple yet elegant moral dilemma is drawn out and turned into a full length feature film with bizarre Twilight Zone-esque overtones.

My problem with it:  First, it was released in 2009 and aside from the possible motivation of keeping the story true to the short story which inspired it, there is really no reason it should have been set in…


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My Life: Not an Open Book

And I can't be the only one! 

Is anyone else just the least bit disturbed by how integrated everything is getting on the internet?  Maybe I'm just old and fussy, or maybe I just value both my time and my privacy enough that I don't want to squander one to control the other, but I really don't like this trend of running every little thing that is done on the internet through facebook or twitter.  I don't "tweet" at all, but I started an account when it was first getting popular, made a…


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Titanic oversight?

There's been a lot in the atheist blogosphere lately about AIG and the idiotic Ark Park being subsidized by the government. 

I just had a funny thought and I'd love to know if anyone can actually do the math on this. 

For the sake of argument, if the "Ark" actually did exist and carry 2 of every species (7 of the "clean" ones) on the planet, PLUS (as is propositioned by AIG and the Creation "museum") the dinosaurs...


Wouldn't that much weight simply sink the…


Added by Jas Brimstone on May 31, 2011 at 5:07pm — 5 Comments

Stupid Atheists

This blog was prompted by a recent YouTube video add in the "Atheist Humor" group wherein some guy with an Australian accent is sitting in some posh room a la "Masterpiece Theater" and ranting about people who are "too stupid to be an Atheist". 

His target this time around was "Humanities" students with Liberal Arts degrees who scoff at Christians.

I happen to be one of those people with what basically amounts to a Liberal Arts degree, as I am a teacher of Art and Theatre. …


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More on my dad's death.

I'm about 4 1/2 sheets to the wind tonight as I have just had about half of a bottle of dark rum to myself, plus one glass of Crown & Coke, so forgive me if this is rambly and somewhat incoherent...

My family, and father, are/were Catholic. Tonight the priest friend of my family came into town. (no, he's not a pedophile, though we give him shit all the time about it).

I posted on another forum that I'm on, that this is one time I'm actually somewhat jealous of my brother… Continue

Added by Jas Brimstone on August 2, 2010 at 12:30am — 7 Comments

My dad died yesterday.

He collapsed at work. Probably a heart attack of some kind. I'll post again when I have more presence of mind to do so. That's all.

Added by Jas Brimstone on July 31, 2010 at 11:41pm — 6 Comments

Quick funny (to me) thought

On another forum I'm on there is a section for photography. Someone has been trying to take some portraits, and obviously not having much luck getting everyone to smile/look good at the same time. There has been a topic title on the forum all day today, "How many heads do I want to move?" referring, of course, to photo manipulation in order to get the portrait to look good.

So is it bad that all I can think every single time I see that thread title is the snide answer, "Well, that… Continue

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Blasphemy vs Animal Cruelty

After making several heated but ultimately empty threats toward my cats (who saw fit to wake me up at 5 this morning yowling to get out, yet run the other direction every time I attempted to let them out) I came to ponder the following and thought it might be yet another argument in the arsenal against the biblical god.

The bible says blasphemy is the one truly unforgivable sin, right?

I've heard many Christians define blasphemy as the same as "Taking the Lord's name in vain."… Continue

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Bracing myself for a night of hearing undue credit given to sky-daddy...

It's my mother's birthday. One year ago we were "celebrating" her birthday in the hospital surrounding her hospital bed as she fought (with the tremendous help of doctors, nurses and modern medical technology) to stay alive. After three weeks in the hospital her nurse confided in us that in 20 years of nursing she'd only seen one other patient in that bad of shape actually pull through.

A year later, she's made what I would call a complete recovery. She's on an ostomy bag, but other… Continue

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Molding the minds of our nation's youth... or... Woot! I got a job!

Okay, so it's not teaching Science or History or anything where I can really counteract any of the bizarre brainwashing of society by religious institutions.

But this is now officially the blog of a bona-fide high school Theatre teacher!

Interviewed this morning. Got offered the job this afternoon. Fill out paperwork and get the keys to my theatre some time next week, and then the real work begins!

This is HUGE for me and my family both as my first "real" career-type… Continue

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I Need Help

Long story short, I'm starting up a Commedia dell 'Arte troupe and I need help with a name (and especially translating it into Italian!)

Here's the thing though, I don't want the name to specifically use the term Commedia because that may not be ALL we perform. While that will be what we start out with, we may also do some shortened Shakespeare plays along the lines of the Reduced Shakespeare Company in the future.

Some thoughts… Continue

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5 yr old FTW!

My son, who turns five in a couple of weeks, rocks!

We were doing some yard work with my parents (who are religious) this past weekend, and I heard about the following conversation between him and my mother from my wife. Sadly I was not there to witness it.

We are tilling out some old sod from the side of my yard and he was "helping" by picking up clumps of sod and tossing them into a pile.

Son: Why does the grass stick together like that?

Grandma: Because that's… Continue

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Building a sandbox

This has nothing to do with atheism. Just bragging because we're building my kids a new sandbox.

They had a "sandboat" from Costco that my son got on his 3rd birthday from his aunt and uncle (my brother). Unfortunately, it has no lid, only a blue mesh sort of thing that doesn't even entirely cover the surface of the sand.

This year for Solstice we got two kittens. More unfortunate, the kittens have learned to use the dog door and have decided the sand box (even with mesh cover)…


Added by Jas Brimstone on April 7, 2010 at 2:31pm — 2 Comments

Something I noticed that's kinda funny...

A lady I know on another forum who happens to be a bible-thumpin, libertarian, creationist of the highest order, has as her signature the Lord Acton quote including the phrase, "...power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely..." yet I am dead certain that she does not see the implication that such a statement coupled with the belief in an omnipotent god has about said deity (and would of course do all sorts of mental gymnastics to excuse such implications if they were pointed out to… Continue

Added by Jas Brimstone on April 5, 2010 at 10:51pm — 2 Comments

Happy Birthday to Me...

I live in a tree
I'm descended from monkeys
and I'm a father of three.


Added by Jas Brimstone on April 3, 2010 at 11:00am — 8 Comments



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