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Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology

I was honored to be able to be give the April presentation at the North Texas Skeptics.

I wanted to discuss something that was a legitimately debated topic in science, so I covered evolutionary psychology.

Darwin's theory of evolution is not considered controversial in science. But its implications on the development of the human mind over time are considered controversial by many legitimate critics.

To recap, evolution by natural… Continue

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Teaching: The Trenches of the Culture War

So today my life took a very interesting turn.

I just graduated college in December and had a few months of misadventure in New York City.

I have been back in the Dallas area since the end of February. I made two career moves, I got a night job at 7-11 and applied for a teaching certification program.

The program I applied to accepted me.

If all goes according to plan I will be teaching this fall, after some harrowing unpaid training this… Continue

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Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness

I have always juggled with the idea of writing about my personal life.

In general I am opposed on the grounds that I should reveal to much about my own personal drama and look weak.

Believe me, I have done it before.

But I also don't want to be impersonal.

I am a naturalist, I live my life, every moment observant of the collisions of causality that bind our existence.

I am hanging out with my… Continue

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Sam Harris Talk

Sam Harris is my favorite writer. Here he is making his main argument. I promote his ideas on my podcast.

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New Podcast Episode

I have a new episode of my podcast

It features Elles from Splendid Elles and Teen Skepchick

Here it is:…


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What the Fuck Are Atheist Doing?

What The Fuck Are Atheist Doing?

So it seems to me that exposure of atheists and atheist issues has been on the rise in the last few years. I think this is a wonderful accomplishment and to be taken very seriously.

There are recent books which have been New York Times best sellers like The God Delusion, Breaking the Spell, The End of Faith, God is not Great, Infidel and others. We have a wonderful recent movie from Bill Maher; Religulous.

If you are into… Continue

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Metaphysical Naturalism

Metaphysical Naturalism

The only thing worse then trying to tell people that you are a Secular Humanist is trying to tell people that you are a metaphysical naturalist.

WTF? Metaphysical Naturalist?

Its almost as if someone where just trying to make big words to sound smart. But metaphysical naturalism is a real thing, and it happens to describe a huge part of my worldview.

When you tell others that you are a metaphysical naturalist, the word that… Continue

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Why Secular Humanism?

Why Secular Humanism?

Unfortunately secular humanism tends to be an obscure term. I imagine that if you went up to people randomly all day long at the mall and asked them what secular humanism means you would get ignorance and wrong answers all day long.

In the general media world, excluding specialized blogs and podcasts, the only person I have ever seen use the word "secular humanism" on a regular basis is Bill O'Reilly. He uses the term as a way to demonize atheists, often… Continue

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