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I've been absent from AN for some time whilst caring for my ailing Dad. Sadly he died in June and I am just not able to cope/accept it.. I am finding myself very envious of theists because they believe they will see their loved ones again. A vain hope I believe and yet it brings them so much comfort. I would give anything for that level of comfort. No other loss has been as difficult to bear as this one and all I want is to talk to my dad again. How on earth do any of you get through this?

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This is one of a series of videos on the Dove Self-Esteem fund website. The aim being to encourage young girls and women to develop self-esteem based on their own merits and not as proscribed by the media images they are bombarded…

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Informal survey re:Code of Conduct.

Some of you will be aware there was an incident in chat recently regarding a 'theist'. The individual involved was claiming not to be a theist by virtue of following no religious dogma. They thought there may be some 'god type thing', but were exploring the idea. Before there was a chance for any further dialogue, the chat erupted and the individual in question left and was promptly reported. I suspect that that person has been banned, but I have no real idea.

This got me thinking… Continue

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Interesting work on the origin of homosexuality within an individual.

I received this video via a psychology newsletter. It shows some interesting research into the origins of homosexuality within an individual using twin studies. It poses some interesting science. What do you think of it?

Video 1 Video 2

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Do we really need to rid of ourselves of everything that is based in religion? Are there ideas from religion we should keep?

Following a conversation in chat today I thought I'd open up a discussion. I've had a look around the site and can't find a thread addressing this issue, if one exists please feel free to point me in the right direction.

I come from a catholic family where 'doing unto others', was ingrained in how we were raised. It is a 'belief' I choose to subscribe to. I try to make sure I don't adversely affect those around me and strive to consider the affect of my actions on others. This idea… Continue

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Big thanks

Just a very quick but sincere thanks to all those who kept me company in the chat room tonight. I've some pressing personal stuff that's threatening to make me withdrawn. As usual the rather extraordinary and diverse topics have stopped me thinking about my woes. Thanks mi amigos.

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Stoopid bloody catholics

I've just had an encounter with some doorstepping Jehovah's at my dad's house. I sent them packing with my 'I'm an atheist and I'm not prepared to argue with you' speech. Then as I left the house my aunty (lives next door) and 1 of my cousins were on the step. The cousin (a pain in the arse if ever there was one) started asking about the Jehovah's to which I explained what I said. He and the aunty then started going on about how 1 day I'll realise the error of my ways and come… Continue

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