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OH, Grow Up! Marriage Hypocrites

It is past time for American religionist to grow up. For decades, Christians used the  Bible to force their religion on others to conform to their beliefs while egregiously failing to follow their own beliefs, which they want to force on others. The US Supreme Court's decision to approve gay marriage across the…


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Whoa—Put on the Brakes!

Gay and lesbian couples around the nation can now legally marry. It is indeed a victory for equality, love and unity. It is a step in the United States moving into the 20th century. It is a potential financial bonanza for wedding planners, cake makers and flower shops. It’s all coming up roses. In fact,…


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This is a first place prose poetry in a Kansas City poetry contest reflected what the author thought was a social issue of grave importance at the time. I wrote this in 1981,I found it while moving my books to their new home. Book shelves! It is extremely long and may be difficult to read, but it has cadence and all the things demanded in the formal world of literary poems

Around every corner it waits-silent,

never making its presence…


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