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The fact that they don't get it is the whole point

Hi friends I need to start blogging here more often, the accumulated toxins in my brain had me going mad.


Religious people just don't get it, and even worse they don't know it, but then again if they did get it they'd be rational members of this site.


My housemate said to me this morning "You don't believe in Jesus?" I said even more then that, I don't think he ever existed. This a very strong position for me, since I once was sure he was the only begotten son…


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Cain, Abel and a dysfunctional father

I used to be in a christian cult, and recently I had to reread a section of genesis to get my facts straight and I was surprised. I haven't read it since before my deconversion, I can't believe I didn't see the things I see now, well I do believe because I was told there are not contradictions so I read it from that view point. It's horrible to know these are the moral lessons people are being indoctrinating with, the divisiveness, breaking up of families the violence, murder, genocide the… Continue

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Extraterrestrial Life???

Hi friends, It's good to be alive and kicking after having been bed ridden with the flu this week I don't know what strain it is or how I got it but I'm happy the worst part is over.

I've been thinking about something that has been part of our modern life, and I say the following things not to denigrate the work of a great man like Carl Sagan or great people like Hawking or those heading SETI, great thinkers like Neil deGrasse Tyson. For their work in searching for possible… Continue

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Wedding Officiant

This week I thought I should become a wedding officiant to perform non-theist weddings, I may also look into doing non-theist funerals.

It just seems that this is something people in our community would like.


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Former member of A A

I made my separation from the group about 3 weeks ago after about 3 years of rational deliberation and continued growth in my own understanding of the factors that contribute to alcoholism.

As I came close to my 9th anniversary my understanding of who I am as an atheist and an emergent life form who will always be changing and growing in understanding I couldn't honestly say I actually agreed with the dogma of AA. Some argue it's a cult, I don't care. It is fixed in it's doctrine,… Continue

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Here's a thought I just had. People of religious faith are like a person who buys a lottery ticket with the full unwavering belief that they will win the big prize. The only problem is they have to die to find out if they won or not, and they are perfectly fine with that. They go to the lotto agent (minister) and ask them what will increase my odds just incase my faith wavers. The agent sells them a troll with pink hair and a purple rabbits foot (the rabbit didn't have enough luck to keep her… Continue

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Zeitgeist Addendum, and The Venus Project

It's late I'm tired, but I feel the need to get this on my page.

Also see Future by design


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Freedom of religion and Sept. 11th 2001

First in honor of this day I posted a rare recording of John F. Kennedy giving a speech to the press, in it he illuminates his all to revolutionary thoughts on Freedom and Democracy. It's sad that we lost such a great man, he certainly would have prevented many of the American atrocities that have happened since his assassination.

It has been my duty and privilege these last 8 years to engage in dialog with many people of various faiths and challenge their beliefs. As it's only… Continue

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