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Bees in the Tree

I hope you can hear the buzzing. If you stood where I was filming, it had a stereo…


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The Frog Bank

I heard the most amazing sound tonight.

A massive wall of chirping frog calls. I almost pity the neighbors over there, a few lots away, from where this primeval symphony seemed to emanate.

It was almost like being at a rock&roll concert where the sound is so huge that it becomes a physical sensation. They seemed to all synergise and build some kind of energy and the noise just built and built and began to convey some kind of fervent emotion. I would have walked across the field to… Continue

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A Little Holiday Cheer ...

Sorry IDK how to edit out the commercials :P

NPRs Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls

Saturday Night Live | MySpace…

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So, this would have to be the first time that someone has won the Nobel Peace Prize on account of his COOLNESS ...

... I adore President Obama. I'm thrilled that he's our president, and I expect great things from him. But this was shockingly premature. Ghandi never got a NPP ...

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Embarassed to be White ...

September 12 should have been one of the most embarassing days in the history of the United States for white people here in this country.
The whole world is watching and I get the feeling that no one is even laughing anymore because these "teabaggers" have clearly lapsed into psychosis.
9/12 was a world-class disgrace, and our credibility with the rest of the planet has probably fallen into a gigantic cosmic toilet from which we may never crawl out ...

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What UHC is Up Against - Critical Update!

I'm unable to compose a rebuttal ...

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California Just Keeps Getting More Disappointing Every Day ...

I can't believe an editorial like this would take a prominent spot on the editorial page of the Sacramento Bee ...


The secular left claims we are evolutionary accidents who managed to crawl out of the slime and by "natural selection" stand erect and over millions of years… Continue

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These are the people who are shouting down Senators and constipating the Internet with all these distortions and lies about UHC ...

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I Ain't the Smartest - Can I Still Be a Athiest?

Often times I'm so blown away by the vast amount of knowledge, as well as the think-on-your-feet abilities that so many members have on this website that I'm reluctant to participate in many of the debates and discussions that I see here.

It's still great to be able to ask a question that I think might be too obscure or contradictory and find so many people who've seen it before and know what to say.

But at other times it can be very intimidating and humiliating to be pointed out as… Continue

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He Must Have WANTED to Get Caught ...

That would be Father Cutie as he was rolling around with his lady friend on a beach near Miami.
Being that they were both consenting adults, and hetero at that, the whole affair is kind of yawnable. The shocking part is that this may be the straw that could break the back of the CC's celibacy edict.
As far as I can tell, most Catholics don't follow most of their own rules about sexual behavior anyway.
This might actually be fun to watch ...

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Men and Their Manliness - UGH!

So the whole Manny Ramirez scandal makes me wonder: Why would a guy refuse to get a vasectomy for fear of diminishing his manliness if he's willing to pump himself full of steroids when he knows damn well that it could shrink his 'nads? He was busted for hCG use. So I'm guessing that he was trying to minimize the damage of his previous steroid use.

I guess if you're a professonal jock and you have that much to gain, then it's worth the risk. And many of the firefighters and law enforcement… Continue

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Holy Shit! It Was the Sunday School Teacher!

I blogged last week about a little girl who disappeared and was found murdered 10 days later.

How I felt bad because I couldn't pray in the first place, and that I knew was going to turn out horribly anyway.

Who on earth could have known that it was a Sunday school teacher; the mother of a five-year-old little girl? All those people praying, what do they think of a god who would let one of his own agents commit such a heinous act? Aside from being sick on top of confounded, I don't… Continue

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A Private Little Rant

A little girl named Sandra Cantu disappeared about a week ago from her home, not 50 miles from where I live. Yesterday they found her body, stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in an irrigation pond.

I knew that if they hadn't found her within 48 hours, she would most likely not be found alive.

Every day the newscasts out here started out with clips of the people gathered around her home, praying for her safe return and begging the kidnapper to bring her home. Her fliers were… Continue

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EEK! It's the Ex-Boyfriend!

I got the most unexpected message on my Facebook page.

From an old boyfriend: It was a rather short relationship; I was 17, he was 19, he was movie-star handsome, but completely wrong for me. We did nothing but bicker. He was an extreme right-wing gun-boy and I was lodged firmly to the left. Knowing what I do now, I can see that he had a pretty severe case of ADHD, with all the benefits of short-tempered, short-sighted, non-stop ranting and interrupting every sentence that came out of my… Continue

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Sick of My Screenname

Has anyone ever changed their screenname?

I've decided that I'm too old to be a punker anymore.

I was listening to an old CD and instead of rocking me to the core, it just gave me the jitters.

Forget about those tight jeans. I'll never give up faded denim, but when your flab sags out of those cute little bare patches and over the top of your fly, it's over, people. And there is no antithesis to gracefully growing grey like a shiny leather jacket festooned with chrome.

And… Continue

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What good is it? Is that 1% of energy that we are supposed to be saving worth all of the car accidents and heart attacks?
Not only does Daylight Saving Time make me feel like I'm starting my day off with a knife strike to the head, I have to get my son up and get him to school on time as well, which is like being tortured with an air horn.
Whose brilliant idea was this anyway?

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Over The Top? I Don't Think So.

I feel as if Obama sent a strong "Don't f**k with me" message to the Republicans the other day:

(Sorry - my link thingy won't work for me)

You can google "Obama"+"I Won" to find a large cache of articles about this.

I also got a charge out of the steely glare that he leveled at Chief Justice Roberts as he bungled his delivery of the presidential oath during the… Continue

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Deck the Halls? Not if you're a true Christian ...

I noticed that the local Baptist Church didn't decorate for Christmas this year.
I wonder if it's because of the pagan origins of the decorations. I'll have to check out some other churches and see if they did same.

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Ahh, the JOYS of Mothering a Teenage Girl ...

She's 14 and she snuck into a night club on Friday night with another little friend.

First she lied to me and said that she was gonna spend the night at the friend's house. So I called to check up on her and she was clearly at a party with a lot of kids yelling in the background. I asked to talk to her friend's mother and she handed the phone to a teenage boy who tried to fake a grown man's voice and tell me that he was the other girl's father. When I asked for the address to pick… Continue

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It's been 1984 for the last 8 years!

I know - I'm the last person on Atheist Nexus to see the similarities between Oceania and our current administration:

The Ministry of Love Tortures people just like Guantanamo;

The Ministry of Peace runs the never-ending war that we are always just about to win - just like Iraq;

The Ministry of Plenty controls the diminishing quality of our manufactured products and the crumbling quality of middle-class life;

The Ministry of Truth: What else would you call our… Continue

Added by HotMess on November 1, 2008 at 11:27pm — 3 Comments



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