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Holy Shit! It Was the Sunday School Teacher!

I blogged last week about a little girl who disappeared and was found murdered 10 days later.

How I felt bad because I couldn't pray in the first place, and that I knew was going to turn out horribly anyway.

Who on earth could have known that it was a Sunday school teacher; the mother of a five-year-old little girl? All those people praying, what do they think of a god who would let one of his own agents commit such a heinous act? Aside from being sick on top of confounded, I don't… Continue

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A Private Little Rant

A little girl named Sandra Cantu disappeared about a week ago from her home, not 50 miles from where I live. Yesterday they found her body, stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in an irrigation pond.

I knew that if they hadn't found her within 48 hours, she would most likely not be found alive.

Every day the newscasts out here started out with clips of the people gathered around her home, praying for her safe return and begging the kidnapper to bring her home. Her fliers were… Continue

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EEK! It's the Ex-Boyfriend!

I got the most unexpected message on my Facebook page.

From an old boyfriend: It was a rather short relationship; I was 17, he was 19, he was movie-star handsome, but completely wrong for me. We did nothing but bicker. He was an extreme right-wing gun-boy and I was lodged firmly to the left. Knowing what I do now, I can see that he had a pretty severe case of ADHD, with all the benefits of short-tempered, short-sighted, non-stop ranting and interrupting every sentence that came out of my… Continue

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