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A walk down memory lane, laundry day at Grandma's house

 Here is a wood burning kitchen stove, much as my grandmother's. 

A washtub on the wood burning stove boiled dirty clothes. She used a hand-cranked wringer to move the boiled clothes to the rinse tubs. A piece of kindling wood snatch the clothes out of the boiling water and got them started in the wringer. I have the wooden stick in my basement laundry room. …


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Life is a merry-go-round.

Thrift is what my grandparents had to learn after tremendous loss of income during the Great Depression. My mother's generation had to be thrifty as they worked hard and planned for big purchases. Coming out of WW II was a very prosperous time for more products to replace food gardens and homemade clothes. My generation learned by watching as children, then buying clothes, food and whatever we wanted. Some of us put high value in education. My daughter's generation shunned higher education…


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The Battered Child Syndrome, Kempe, Silverman, Steele, Droegemueller, Silver, JAMA 1962

In 1953, Frederic Silverman, a radiologist, noticed children coming into his radiology clinic with chillingly frequent X-ray images of multiple fractures. "The bones tell a story the child is too young or too frightened to tell." He published an article "The Roentgen Manifestations of Unrecognized Skeletal Trauma in Infants," 

In 1962, C. Henry Kempe, a pediatrician at the University of Colorado Medical School, tried…


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Religion inhibits healthy functioning

Abrahamic faiths, based on domination, reveal underlying principles that an angry, vengeful, mean-spirited god hangs over us with promises of heaven and threats of hell. Many think of life as a hierarchy with god at the top, then man, male, who has dominion over everything. Under him and responsible to him is female with the mark of pain and suffering her lot in life. Under father/mother come children, often used as unpaid labor. Read Green Paradise Lost by Elizabeth Dodson Gray,…


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Religion Destroys Our Earthly Paradise

Religions, based on Abrahamic faiths, operate in terms of dominion, ownership, hierarchy, exploitation, and manipulation.We see it all around us in the policies and practices of the institutions of our lives. I see it in my family. One grandmother came from a long line of Puritans with a very strong sense of patriarchy. Her husband, my grandfather came from a rigid Roman Catholic background with a strong sense of patriarchy. As I observe my family as a participant observer, I see a lot of…


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7 Things Not to Say to the Atheist in Your Family, Thanks Herb Silverman

7 Things Not to Say to the Atheist in Your Family

"Are you an atheist; but you are so nice!" Have you heard this statement? I have.

People often think terrible things about atheists. Well, why not? They hear all kinds of things about us that just are not true. People are afraid of us and they want to keep their children away from us. It takes time…


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God is not a Good Theory (Sean Carroll)

Virtually nothing of quantum physics makes sense to me and it seems I am not alone. The laws do not follow Newton at all. Newton discovered the laws of the very big. Quantum physics involves laws of the very small; it "explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level."

Reading has become very difficult for me as I age.…


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Still trying to honor the parasites that caused the problem in the first place

Keen, Steve - Credit Money: How it works and why it fails

I started reading Steve Keen's work several years ago. It was before he developed this mathematical model of money flow. Each step along the way was painful for him as an economist and for me as an observer. Trials and errors occurred as in anything that is new. He successfully earned a grant from INET, …


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These factors I want in a POTUS candidate

These factors reveal what I want in a presidential candidate: 

1)   easing the burdens on working parents, with sick leave, paid family and medical leave, childcare, eldercare, a higher minimum wages, tax incentives for companies that share profits with their employees;

2)   taking on the moneyed interests, large Wall Street banks, big corporations, and richest…


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Future Work Skills 2020

Future Work Skills 2020

People with skills on the computer have a future, as far as employment goes. Individuals with talents such as those used here on Atheist Nexus will have the jobs of the future. Production of goods will continue to flow offshore, leaving the construction trades and service jobs for domestic employment. More people need training for international…


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Americans Turning Away From Organized Religion in Record Numbers

A bit of good news, for a change, 

Americans Turning Away From Organized Religion in Record Numbers  

Why would anyone turn away from centuries old traditions and beliefs?

1)  Do religious beliefs held by an individual create opportunities for questioning, doubting, exploring, experimenting, inventing or do they offer feelings of discouragement, helplessness, depression,…


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Cliteracy Project.

CLITERACY project.

"feminist artist Sophia Wallace’s “work reveals the “phallic as neutral” bias in science, law, philosophy, politics, mainstream and even feminist discussion, and the art world. Her art will be…


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