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In about 1994, I ordered a huge bunch of daffodils when the price was right and forgot about the order. I was packed and ready to go to a conference in Europe. I can't remember what or where ... must have been an interesting conference. Then to Turkey to seek out ancient female goddesses. The day before I was to leave, the order arrived - 300 daffodils bulbs. My son, Cary, called to wish me a good trip. I told him the bulbs arrived and he came and planted all…


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Rise of the Non-Working Rich, 2014-09-15

Rise of the Non-Working Rich, 2014-09-15 

More than three out of four self-described conservatives believe “poor people have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything.”

The reality is that most of the USA's poor work two or more jobs. 

David Brooks has never made much sense to me, but his recent statement that "…


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God is a woman

Did you know the Vatican is built upon the foundation of a goddess temple with Cybele as the Magna Mater ("Great Mother")? This goddess is so old, she was originally an Anatolian mother goddess. She was, perhaps, a possible precursor in the earliest neolithic at …


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Capitalism can't work without a poverty class.

Capitalism can't work without a poverty class. In order to increase the numbers of people in the poverty class,

* withhold the kind of education that teaches critical thinking, stress obedience; 

* educate children to remain dependent on church and government as adults; 

* tax wages at a higher rate than investment income, otherwise known as unearned income; 

* spends tax dollars on expensive warring humans and material that creates wealth for the owners of…


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What next?

Do you think we live in a democracy where we have opportunity, freedom, and equality? Well, take a look at what is happening all around us. If you are honest, take off your blinders, unwrap yourself from the patriotic flag and see what is really happening, you will understand that these words, beautiful as they are, just simply do not stand up to scrutiny. Those fine expressions in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America…


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I am offended

I am offended 

There is a peculiar phenomenon going around that I want to address. 

I feel deeply rooted offense when I see a person insult another, or belittle them, or assault another physically, mentally and emotionally. 

I am offended by parents who deliberately do not educate their children claiming they prepare their children for 21st…


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I see good things coming out of Atheist Nexus

Each one of you, Loren, Pat, Bertold, and Daniel, and others on this Atheist Nexus site are such decent men and women, full of experiences from life, and a healthy quality of skepticism. You see the cons of religious dogma and the terrible things people do in the name of their gods. We all know the good that religion has done, however, that does not mitigate the injury that is made possible through dogma. I feel distress when moderate religious remain silent in the face of atrocities done in…


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Religion is a creator of hate

History repeats itself, over and over and over again. This is why I think there is no such thing as a god, jesus, salvation, redemption, or any of the other claims people who act as if they know make. If there were a god, there would be a universal god, one who empowered all people around the Earth to flourish, they would know how to solve problems and resolve conflict. No, the gods that exist in the minds of Homo sapiens are constructs created in the mind of humans to explain things they do…


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Isn’t it time to save the the U.S.A. from the South?

The religious South persists in maintaining the U.S.A. in some kind of 1860s time warp. The 1860s was an extremely turbulent decade. Many economic, cultural, social, and political disturbances occurred in Europe and U.S.A. Unrest occurred with people advocating for fundamental changes in power. This was a time…


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Are atheists spiritual? Yes! If you mean atheists posses a sense of wonder and love

Without a doubt, some animals have an awareness of life and death. One obvious example is the elephant. Even dogs and monkeys are known to grieve. There is something in the brain that registers those realities and humans are the only ones with verbal language to express their feelings of loss and grief. However, there are other languages, i.e. holding and carrying a dead baby, laying on a grave, touching the dead body. It is only recently that humans came to…


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Biblical atrocities, from Genesis through Revelation

I am dismayed by the joy with what I hear coming from the mouths of my religious, believing family and friends for the End Times, as though it will bring them eternal happiness. Little thought of the lives harmed and destroyed by current events, the ruin of homes, buildings, and infrastructures of whole communities, and the hatreds that continue to build between combatants. 

The cause of much of this current turmoil is religious dogma. Why don't we say it out loud, religions cause…


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Spam for dinner

During WW II, we had a lot of Spam. I and several of my cousins lived with my maternal grandparents and they must have been challenged to feed all of us kids. Grandma did everything with it, cooked it in lard, or in maple syrup if we could get it, she made all kinds of sauces, tomato, or cream sauce, or Spam gravy. We had it with all the garden vegetables, fried, baked, roasted.

We kids had to help in the kitchen because she really needed help. We learned all kinds of things at her…


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You think too much!

How many time have you heard this old bromide? I hear it all the time, usually from people who don't think enough. You think too much. Offer an example from my own life and the meaning I gleaned from it and I hear the hogwash, "You think too much!" Submit a chart showing data that supports my interpretation and the old canard comes back, "You think too much!" Tender a book defining the…


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