A thought on The Genius of C. Darwin presented by Richard Dawkins

I was watching The Genius of Charles Darwin presented by Richard Dawkins and in it he interviews various people who, for one reason or another, refuse to accept the theory of evolution. During one interview, a devout Christian man, said that he did not believe in evolution because he cannot see it. Richard Dawkins argues that just because you can not see gravity, does not mean that you will not fall if you jump from a window. I was dumbfounded by the back and forth between them because basically Mr. Dawkins was making a case of faith to the Christian, who ironically does not believe in evolution because he can not see it. I was surprised that Mr. Dawkins took that stance when he could have just said, "But you believe in god!"

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Comment by Jason Aylsworth on November 28, 2010 at 6:11pm
That would make sense if Richard Dawkins wasn't already known for attacking religion at it's core (which is what I love about him, I prefer the neo-atheist's anti-theist approach). I think basing an argument on the lunacy of the Christian's viewpoint makes more sense, negating his statement with his own skewed perception. Sure, you can argue science all day but reason has no place in a Christian's mind. By tearing away at the gentleman's Christian beliefs to show that his argument against natural selection/evolution is inevitably an argument against his very own belief system. It just makes more sense to me to chip away at him with his ironic choice of logic because it's obvious that Dawkins logic will not be heard regardless of evidence.
Comment by Shamar on November 26, 2010 at 1:28am
What Dawkins did was demonstrate that we have evidence for gravity. In doing this he was showing that faith has nothing to do with it. In doing this he was doing the opposite of "making a case of faith" because he was stating actual evidence. I would not want to hear him say "But you believe in god!", because then he would be equating religious faith with the evidence for gravity, which would definitely be fallacious!



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