I just recently joined Atheist Nexus because I moved to a place to teach Spanish where most people are conservative and Christian. Before I lived somewhere where liberal atheists were relatively common, and at least no one would assume I was a Christian or Republican.

This is my first year teaching, and I had to move here to get started, or somewhere I would like even less. Not knowing anyone, and being afraid to say what I really think out here, I need somewhere I can go to be myself.

I was raised without any religion, and was probably in middle school before I really realized people took it seriously. Once in my life, I was tempted to believe and tried my hardest. When I was 12, my grandmother (who it turns out was an atheist too) died of cancer, and it was the first time someone I cared about died. For a couple months I prayed, thinking maybe if I did it enough I might brainwash myself into believing she was still there somewhere, other than in the minds of those who had loved her. After a while I gave up, and have never been seriously tempted again. I grew up, and realized that this life is what matters. One day I will die, as everyone does, and if I can say then that I have been a good person, and not wasted my life, that will be enough.

If I continue posting here, it will be to find a relief from a life surrounded by theists. So, it will probably be a place for me to vent about religion, or post about the absurdity of religion or humor about religion.

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Comment by Joel Wheeler on September 11, 2009 at 10:18am
I've always sort of been in awe of how "liberal" and "progressive" we are here in Oregon (or at least in the Valley), and how completely red-neck ignorant the people are on an individual basis. I have a friend who teaches down in Winston, and I hear some pretty wicked stories about the district and the ignorance of the people there (names changed to protect the guilty of course).
Comment by Rebecca on September 8, 2008 at 9:09pm
Thanks for the comments. I am in a really small, rural community. The county I am in has 3 districts, and I teach in two that are about an hour drive apart. I am just happy no one has asked me yet which church I go to. This is probably not as religious a place as a lot of the country, but I came from a city where it was always sort of surprising when I found out someone actually believed in god. And sort of embarrassing.
Comment by Cantonakenobi on September 8, 2008 at 3:47pm
I know exactly how you feel. I love to secretly get on topix.com and blast the conservatives in my city. My town has the 10 Commandments posted in our court house which clearly conflicts with Supreme Court rulings. Being a liberal-freethinking-humanist-atheist, I sometimes feel like I'm on another planet which is devoid of reason and intellect. I stand a better chance of getting hit by lightning than finding someone who thinks along similar lines.
Comment by mrmister on September 8, 2008 at 3:08am
welcome to nexus.

teaching is a very rewarding career. Good luck!
Comment by wisp on September 7, 2008 at 11:01pm
I wish I'd been fortunate enough to experience living in a place where people don't automatically assume you're a right-winger and a Christian. I grew up and continue to live smack in the middle of Bible Belt Georgia. I have friends on Facebook that knew me back when I was a Christian in high school and even though I have clearly stated on my profile that I am not a theist any longer, they still send me prayer requests and invite me to Christian and Republican-slanted groups (the two that took the cake were "God Bless Jerry Falwell" and "Boycott the Golden Compass").

Welcome to the safe haven. XD



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