Another one bites the dust hey hey hey...............

Well, today all hell broke loose with the one true, or so I thought true, friend flipped because of my nontheist view. Her name is Lori and I have been friends with her since I was 15. Religion was never thing with her, she never discussed religion or any god, I always thought her god was httin' the bong and spokin a bowl or two...get the idea?

She married her so called high school sweetheart who is really a punk ass worthless abusive selfish crack head but she never does or says anything to change it so I just go on about my business and when she starts rantin on leavin him I drop off the radar. So, we have some history, a very long and constant history.

So she sends me these stupid forward things all the time but she started sending them to my cell phone so I texted her and told her I hate those things and if she's got nothing to say then let it alone.

She said she would only send the good not the "nasty" anymore and I told her don't send those either cause I don't believe in a god, gods, or symbols or anything like that.

And then, her next message took the cake. She replied, "I had no idea you had denied God. I don't know how to feel about that. This really upsets me greatly. I just don't think I can talk to you or have anything to do with you anymore. And I don't think you should be around my kids."

Ok, I am a new atheist nothesist what ever I should call it. i just recently openly accepted in outwardly to everyone instead of just my heart or head. I really had a terrible time when I heard this. I felt judged, completely neglected by the last source of acceptance and support I had, and just overall angry.

So, since she took the whole situation to this point, I lost it on her. My response:

"For someone who believes in this god person you don't follow any of the doctrines, I thought christians were not suppose to judge others, and to spread the word of god to those who don't know him, and that your suppose to be soldier and convert the non believers, and to pay tithes, and go to worship religiously, and practice his ways that he sat down, but instead, you and your so called husband won't quit doin dope long enough to get a fuckin decent ass job so you can put a decent roof over your kids heads and so you live in this shit hole, abandoned, run down, molded, roach infested, dog piss covered, black mold crusted piece of shit trailer, you won't get off your ass and go get a license so instead you let jacob do all the driving and then act like he's keepin you down and not letting you, well guess what bitch you said 10 years ago you were going to get one, and 5 years before then you said you were going to, then you act like your beat down and it's his fault that you don't have a job and money, yet you like bein the victim, and all you do is sleep around on jake just like back in the day and you blame him, you cuss your kids, and yoru kids go hungry and i have to take them dinner all the time so they can eat, your kids sleep on a roach infested couch and can't have hair cause they always get lice, and your going to tell me that after knowing me for over 16 years and after you have seen my hell and know I have a good heart and I am a good person just tell me that this one thing that I have believed my whole life but never discussed is enough for you to turn your back and walk way?"

"This is why noone has anything to do with your nasty ass, cause you pass judgement on others and walk around like your white trash every tom dick and harry fukin crack smokin bong fukin flinstone footed ass shit don't stink, but I am pointin the finger at you now bitch so what are you gonna say and do now? Don't worry, I don't want nothing to do with you after this either, come to my house and I will shoot your bitch ass, and since your such a freakin christian you need to get your holy lovin ass in church cause bitch if anyone is gonna burn in any kinda hell its gonna be you. I hope you like bacon "

It's not good, nice, or classy. What I really need is some pointers on how to handle these idiots without completely losing it. I know I can stay composed, and I truly think that the reason it got so bad here was because she had never judged me my whole life. Until now. And while I never agreed with the way she lived, I just went about my business.

I know this is just the beginning though. Pointers anyone?

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Comment by Hidden in the crowd. on December 7, 2010 at 1:29am
i'm pretty sure you were in the right and that text is awesome, don't feel bad that they can't accept you, some times you need to vent your anger and it just so happened that direction was awesome.
Comment by Adrianne on December 7, 2010 at 1:11am
Thanks guys..I know anger isn't the best way.....but sometimes it just takes over and this was one of those times. I have always been very open and honest about my thoughts and opinions. And my temper has always been a problem and some people just know what buttons to push. She tried calling to "explain her reasoning" from the sound of the voicemail....she said if I changed my ways we could still be friends and I am pretty.sure that since I have not called her or answered her calls she has probably figured out that this so called friendship is way over. The area I live in is heavily religious. I hope to finish school and move. I would kill for some support around here
Comment by Linda on December 5, 2010 at 8:09pm
Try to take a deep breath, I don't think anyone gets through life without a few of these types of situations.

I think what you said to her was brilliant and she needed to hear it big time.

I think I'd even like to use it as a guideline for some things I'd like to say to a couple of x-friends in my past. lol



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