If you are aware of how politics run in the United States, then you certainly know who Stephen Colbert is

In case you don't know, Colbert is a satirist who parodies right-wing attitudes and criticizes them. Of course, he also takes on liberals sometimes, but conservatives tend to give more material for satire. Like this:

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Comment by Smitty on January 11, 2011 at 2:39am
Okay. So I kept reading, and honestly I feel that I need to point out a few things. Just so we're clear, O'Reilly is a douche. And his point is made very poorly, so the satire is definitely merited, BUT his point is a valid one and a very challenging one to disprove. Our world is so perfectly set up for us to live in that sometimes it does seem like a creator being had a hand in our existence. If the proton weighed 10% more than it does, the element Carbon would have never been formed after the big bang and life could have never happened. If the Earth didn't have a near perfect circular orbit, our oceans would boil in the summer and freeze over in the winter. Not to mention our perfect distance from the sun. Then we have all these plants and animals to serve as food and resources for us. Then none of these amazing things change. They are consistent. I reexamine our world everyday and I am amazed. So I just think that you need to consider the true point of your opposition before you attack with such gusto. Though I hate to say it, his point is valid and needs careful consideration on our part.



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