I'm in this dating site called PlentyOfFish. Here was a guy's the first initial message:


After reading your profile I think you'll get that line and atheist = open minded. Great 
taste in music as well, Fade To Black was the first Metallica song I ever heard and its 
just beautifully written 

I have to say, I had a lot of fun reading your profile and it caught my attention more 
than once. I love to read, Isaac Asimov is brilliant and its so sad that I, Robot was made 
from an amazing collection of stories into an advertising funded payday for Will Smith, 
ditto I Am Legend. Started reading Stephen King from a young age and his non-fiction 
book on writing inspired me to start my own work, which may just be a career. 

I believe that all creative people are introverts, all creativity is an attempt to explain to 
ourselves and others just how we see the world and often its an awkward process. You 
can't do that unless you're constantly questioning your perceptions, motives, and self. 
It can be a painful thing, and often social life is awkward because you're not as gullible 
as everyone else.

I guess I'm lucky because I was raised Hindu which is more a belief system and much 
more tolerant of questioning than Western religions, so it was an easy task to think for 
myself and realize the idea of god was absurd, and George Carlin helped that along :) 

Oh and Forest Hills is awesome, if you know where the Fairview apartment building is, I 
lived there for 5 years and still miss it. And 108 St. 

Ok I've rambled enough, as you can see I'm not into small talk either, if you like what 

you've read and want to know more, we'll go from there. And I'm ****


Seems like a nice guy right?? Well I was busy for work for two days and was going to message this guy back and got this message:


yeah, well **** you, I'm out. Read your 
atheist blog, you're single because your 
depressed, antisocial and self absorbed. 
Move away from yourself and see the world 
and you'll find yourself in no time. My god, 
27 and I've met more mature 17 year olds. 
This may make me sound crazy, but as I've 
leaving this site I care not. And heavy metal 
is for children.


He signed out of the website the next day. Jeez, talk about being bipolar....

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Comment by Chris on February 1, 2011 at 8:06pm
Plenty of fish sounds like a christian dating service to me. What do you expect?
Comment by Cory Silver on February 1, 2011 at 6:09pm
Oops I meant to link to my blog, doesn't seem to be a way to edit it into my post, so here's the link.

Comment by Cory Silver on February 1, 2011 at 4:11pm
Hey, I tried to send you some mail but I couldn't get anything to send...

First I wrote this long thing, then it was a little thing... now it's a littler thing...
I really don't have any way of knowing if any of it sent, it didn't seem like anything happened when I hit send.

Anyway I think you're awesome, saw your post.. I'd love to talk to you... yeah, I think I did better the first time... oh well. the thing got erased and I can't get it back.

I really hope this one sends.. (It didn't :( so I copied it to here) Now I feel like an idiot who's trying to hard.
Comment by Jennifer W on February 1, 2011 at 1:04am

I'm sorry Cliff, I lived in the city my whole life. I lived in every borough except Staten Island. My love for the city is unwavering. I've met great people of all races, classes, and creed. It has taught me some harsh lessons and some great lessons that I wouldn't take back for a second and there's just something about bike riding from borough to borough that does it for me. I'm a person that sees myself growing old here.

Comment by Jim DePaulo on January 29, 2011 at 4:03pm

That loon has all the earmarks of a control freak (and occasional stalker) – it's your good luck he disappeared quickly.

Comment by Jennifer W on January 29, 2011 at 8:02am

I lived in Queens, NY area, so I rarely find any people who are hardcore Christian. There are some Jewish people, but nobody that really tries to convert me. They know better anyways.

I just didn't get where the attitude came from.... If you want to attract someone why even put a message like this? I mean in two days?

Comment by zeeman barzell on January 28, 2011 at 12:21pm

I always thought POF was exclusively a xtian dating site, or so I've heard from blogs here on AN.

You may be fishing in the wrong stream.

Comment by Fabio on January 28, 2011 at 7:55am
Heavy Metal for children? That's just insulting :O

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