I said I was out of the politics game. I told my friends I would not write another word about people that care so little for freedom. I even took the suggestion of my doctor to take the stress off and let America go to He'll in a hand basket. Well, I have one more left in me and then I put in the hands of the young because if I live to be a hundred, I am get g short on years. So, here it is!

This weekend, if you live anywhere close to Wisconsin get off your duff and go there--Madison in particular. If you think the protest has nothing to do with you, when your paycheck comes up a little short, remember the Wisconsin protests.

Unions set the bar for wages for just about everyone in this country, not just public employees. Those making $300,000 to $500,000 a year this applies to you also because without unions you also might find your check a little short once bargaining power disappears.

Think you can play chicken with the big boys? Think again. An individual going up against a corporation is the same as spitting into the wind or pulling on Superman's cape--not wise. As much as I hate using the world of sports for analogies or comparisons of any kind, there is at least one truth about professional sports, collective bargaining made nearly every athlete in the game (NBA, MLB, NFL) makes nearly a half million dollars.

It made it better for all, no matter in which league they played. It also put owners on notice not to come knocking with some pitiful offer and they did. They knew to come hard or stay at home. If the collective bargaining agreement disappeared tomorrow a lot of athletes mansions would hit the real estate lists.

What is happening in Wisconsin is nothing less than a hostile takeover with a set of cooked books and salivating greedy congresspersons in the Dairy State. If the collective bargaining agreement goes in Wisconsin it will be coming to a theater near you soon.
Call, write or send a carrier pigeon, but get your presence in Wisconsin; nothing less the middle-class America is on the line.


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Comment by Christopher Baughman on February 22, 2011 at 8:56am

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