I have been gone from here for a while, not because I want to, or am too busy. That would be a lie. I have work to do as all of us do, and things that have nothing to do with atheism, and also just get distracted.

I participate far less than I used to in the old days of eGroups and such, because I want to have something fresh and useful to offer. a 'Me too' is nothing but bloat, so I don't, and in a thread that is nearing 2,000 posts, much of it repetitive, I am not going to jump on and give my two cents to say the same thing. I slogged though a ton of comments and still think a lot of people don't get it.

Men and Women are different. I can't climb into your skin, and you can't climb into mine. We can try to understand what it is to be the other sex, let alone LGBT, and try to be understanding; it is making progress, IMO. You can't paint everyone with a broad brush; get to know a person, and then you learn.

What P.Z. said, I think: Listen.

Listen. Quit trying to form counter arguments while reading a post. Reading posts is hard enough without making your mind up about the person behind the keyboard.

Think. Think about the women in your life. I am a woman who had a Mom. She was strong in so many ways in the 1950's: She had a job. Before then she helped build aircraft that carried bombs.

After the war, Mom had to back down.

I got raised in this, and I found out early that is you wanted a well paying job, you got it in the Not Traditional Jobs For Women.

Go Look at That Thread


Or the one before.


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Comment by Bronwyn Caveney on February 24, 2011 at 9:36pm

Christopher, I apologise for being late to responding.  I think the attitude was what put me off as well.  I did not read Blaghag, but i know what it feels like being referred to as a female, and how it is off-putting.  I have worked in jobs that have been generally men's jobs, because they earn more money, and I am a physically strong woman (loaded UPS trucks).  I had a choice there, to either put up with the sexism, or just get the job done, and I put up with the former.


I think it boils down to feelings of superiority; men feel superior and women do, for different reasons. I worked with men who had not picked up a book since school: I felt superior.  They would feel superior for bringing in more money or being physically stronger, and I did have some good discussions.  what is funny to one might be offensive to another - obviously, I am a dark haired woman, but I have laughed at blonde jokes, then felt crappy about it.  Blonde jokes are about women being stupid, especially pretty women.  I think we get uncomfortable because we treat the other sex as some kind of unknown animal.  I ogle men, just as you ogle women; it's what we do.  I just don't want my value decided by my gender, any more than you do.


What I love about atheists is we all tend to want Humans to go beyond superstition and the bullshit that separates us by gender. We can still like to look at each other and be attracted, and like what we see or not, and understand where this comes from.


I need to spend more time here; your one paragraph is smarter than much of what I hear daily.

Comment by Christopher Baughman on February 19, 2011 at 5:36pm
I read Blag Hag's explanation of the events.  And while I don't find the terms male / female atheist insulting or in anyway implying a person is chattel.  Going by the events I read I can understand why she was upset based on other issues then them using the words, female atheist.  The cavalier attitude of the panel about overt sexual attraction, and the excuse they gave felt distinctly lacking.  Simply put as a male atheist if a female atheist ogled me I'd either respond with a smile, or with revulsion.  Can't say that I don't ogle women from time to time, but I certainly open myself to criticism when I do.  However I do think we have a longstanding tradition of overcoming our genetic & societal programming.  Given the recent efforts to defund Planned Parenthood across the US; I definitely understand why women feel they're viewed as nothing more then incubators for procreation.



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