Holy Newt! Or, Salamanders, Lizards and Geckos for President

If only other species could lead for awhile. . .since our species seems so inept.

I might actually suggest The Newts--gentle, deliberate, slow, peaceful, amphibious, non-theist. . .if Mr. Faith-of-Our-Flounders wasn't desecrating the word:

Holy Newt! 

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Comment by Lindsey S. on February 27, 2011 at 1:48pm
If Newt Ginrich ever gets elected president, I may just have to kill myself. Or at the very least, move to Canada. He, and any other republican, would like nothing more than to turn America into a fascist theocracy where anyone who doesn't subscribe to their specific religious dogma would be treated like a criminal. As an atheist lesbian with very liberal leanings, I would rather die than live in a country completely controlled by republicans.

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