well i went on this retreat thinking i would be miserable. I knew  i would not hide the fact that im atheist and my parents forced me to come. But when i shared it with everyone, noone judged me. Noone tried to convert me. Noone tried to drown me in holy water. Instead they were all very accepting and would always be very careful when talking about faith and my feelings and tried so hard not to be assholes which i appreciated. One girl i met actually wrote me a letter telling me that no matter what my faith is, i can always turn to her or the church. That was pretty cool i think. Well anyway that was the happy part of the retreat, the rest is kinda confusing.


So apparently these retreats get catholics pretty emotional and confused and my best friend went with me and shes very religous. Well when we were on break we got into this deep conversation and eventually i confessed my bulimia problems. Then she completely shocked me. She showed me cuts all over her ankles. My best friend cuts herself. Damn. Anyway the resta the day was emotional for the both of us cuz i did not know howto react and im just focusing now on helping her get thru this and trying to not mention it like she asked and being a best friend. But my point is, maybe people need religion to make better choices. Okay before everyone starts firing hate comments at me i know, religion does not always teach people to make better choices. But my friend was so emotional at that moment and feeling so religous apparently she confessed to me. Maybe religion helps some people like my best friend in the whole entire world...i dunno

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Comment by Catholic Hostage on March 7, 2011 at 8:20pm

Nolan- You're absoloutely right. I did meet one girl there who was a complete bible thumper and homophobe and I wanted to punch her every time she opened her mouth. I just assumed everyone would be like that. And I dont know if im ready to talk about my bulimia problems but im kindof a hypocrite since Im trying to get my friend to tell her parents. and thanks:)


Uh Prog Rock Girl-I'm not ready to talk about my bulimia problems to a therapist yet but hopefully ill be motivated to talk about it soon. Im just worried one day my parents will hear me throwing up...and thanks:)

Comment by Prog Rock Girl on March 7, 2011 at 4:14pm

That's amazing that the people were so accepting! It's also good that you and your friend were able to talk about your problems. Hopefully you both can get help but the first step is to want to. I also experimented with bulimia and mutilation. Religion can motivate people to do good things, or bad things, but usually people engineer their religious beliefs to mirror their own.



Comment by Nolan Warner on March 7, 2011 at 3:03pm

As having been to religious camps before I can sypathize with your story.  That sort of "retreat" does build a kind of group mentality that lets you bond with others.  I met some great folks on them.  I also met some brainwashing zelots that qualified for the nut house.  I would highly suggest you and your friend seek some non-religious counciling to help with both the bulimia and the self inflicted wounds.  I know that is easier said than done ...but give it a try.  Good luck to you both. 

Comment by Catholic Hostage on March 6, 2011 at 9:27pm
Cliff-thanks for the advice and youre right, religion is not helping my firends case but it did make her feel so strongly that she could admit it to me. Im only having trouble not speaking about this because i tend to make a big deal of things. She specificly asked me not to never talk about it. But i also have the feeling shes done this for attention. She keeps trying to gain the sympathy of one boy she likes at school. I dont know how to tell her this though.



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