More reasons to get rid of religion.

In Morocco a Salafi preacher name Mohamed Al-Maghrawi issued a "Fatwa" that permits girls 9-years-old to marry.
Interisting, why is the "Fatwa" or the author of the "Fatwa" saying that they 'permits' these babies to marry. You can't permit a baby to marry. A 9-year-old have no idea of what marriage is and mean. How do you let these babies know that you gave them the permission to marry? Do you go to them saying here is the "Fatwa" we "men" issue giving you all the permits to marry, and they then reply, ya! that's great, lets go chose our husband. How exactly does it work? Oh, I forgot, woman don't have the right to chose their own husband in Islam.
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Comment by Chiropteran on October 1, 2008 at 11:00am
Remember, it was the prophet mohammad (may he writhe in hell) that 'married' (read; raped) a 9 year old. So, I suspect this is their justification for their pedophilia. Truly one of the sickest religions on this planet.



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