Would people remain Christian if Christians were outcast? An Easter Rumination

I always wonder how many Christians there would be if Christianity was frowned upon.  In the Easter services there are passages of Christ proclaiming his faith even tho others spit on him, beat him, despise him, and even kill him.  How many Christians would there be if they were treated like homosexuals in the 50's; or black folks in the deep south under jim crow? (Someone please tell me how to punctuate the previous sentence.)


What do you think and do you know anyone who would still be a Christian if Christians were persecuted. 

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Comment by Shannon on April 14, 2011 at 9:26am
Wait wait- He was envious of persecuted christians?  Was he some kind of masochist? Hmm, Well you know, it's all fun and games until someone get burned at the stake.
Comment by Shannon on April 13, 2011 at 11:43am
Counter intuitive.  I suspect that those clinging to christianity would be a very small minority.  If a lot of people were clinging I suspect that there wouldn't be quite so much ostracism.
Comment by paul babcock on April 13, 2011 at 5:17am
My punctuation is so bad that Idt I can help you out with that one. I do have a thought tho on your main point.

I was raised a theist for a couple decades or so and was presented with quite a variety of ideas on the subject. Idk how much our preacher really meant this but occasionaly anyway he would say that persecution made ones faith stronger and that he was envious of Christians in Communist Russia or China who had to keep their faith in spite of persecution.

So in responcr to your question anyway I will point out that obviously some would as some did in those countries, just as some have through history. John Smith suffered quite a bit of ridicule and persecution starting up Mormonism as late as the 1800s. As did his followers. Don't ask me why.

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