As an atheist in America do you ever fear for your life?

As the state of the our country gets worse when it comes to creationism being taught in the classroom, a military religious test, the laws allowing the murdering of abortion doctors, the outlawing of abortion, the changing of the definition of rape, the attempt to outlaw stem cell research, the hatred and contempt towards homosexuals, the expanding wars, and promotion of woo medicine on national television. The politicians up for election back and believe what i stated above are good things. In there there eyes this is a christian nation, and they will rewrite history to prove they are right. these same people have no problem throwing the elderly, vets, and poor, disabled into the streets for a few dollars as well as having no problem denying people the right to healthcare. all the while the asshat's produce propaganda saying that if you don't believe what they believe than you are unpatriotic. seeing what is happening with this Neo-McCarthyism being inflicted on the muslims. could this neo-McCarthyism be inflicted on the non-believers, freethinkers?   

personally i hope this present nightmare in america will come to an abrupt end, and we all can live in peace.

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Comment by Azel Praer on April 13, 2011 at 5:20pm
religion does not want peace it wants to control condemn and conform how can we ever have peace if the very people who run this country bow down to or are part of adogmatic  religious out fits? we as atheists need to start gathering more and start being more proactive in our efforts to separate god from us.
Comment by Prog Rock Girl on April 13, 2011 at 9:45am

I don't fear for my life. I'm sure that ex-members of extremist religions in America do, and maybe some people in religious fundamentalist areas. I think and hope that it is true that the loud screaming is due to losing. When it comes to gay rights, gays are being accepted in more and more areas and I have seen a lot of change with each decade. People that still believe the biblical bullshit about homosexuality just get more and more pissed all the time that they are allowed to discriminate less and less.


With abortion and women's rights, I worry. I think the number of people who consider themselves pro-choice has dwindled. This is because fewer people were alive to remember coat-hanger abortions, people have it drilled into their heads that it is a traumatic experience that they will regret, and the continuous circulation of inaccurate information.


"Neo-McCarthyism inflicted on Muslims", that is not the same as inflicting it on nonbelievers. For one thing, Christians v Muslims is a matter of 2 religions of varying ridiculousness fighting back and forth when really they're about the same, except for degree. People should really take a look at the Muslims they are rallying behind. People make the mistake of thinking that because a small amount of Muslims are actual terrorist, that fundamentalist beliefs, practices and general backwardness are equally rare...well they're not.

Comment by David Anam on April 13, 2011 at 7:31am

I think a lot of the things you mentioned were far worse in the past.


Hate towards homosexuals may seem bad today, but it used to be far, far worse. As far as abortion, it is still a hot topic, but in the past, even supporting the use of condoms could get you in trouble. And no, I'm not talking about condoms for kids at school, I mean condoms for anyone in any situation. Women who supported any sort of birth control were demonized and considered radicals.


All of these loud voices against progress are only so loud because they are losing the battle. It may come slower than we'd like, but the world moves forward.



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