Can Christians and Atheists Find Common Ground?

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Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on April 23, 2011 at 10:12pm

I haven't seen much religion on Sanctuary - although, there has been some.  Of course, there was the killer priest episode.  I'm not sure it's really scifi though.  I loved SG1 before Don Davis died.  Then they replaced him with Beau Bridges.  They started adding god references and it just went downhill.  I have stuck out Stargate Universe, but it's been holding my nose the whole time. I have heard it's going off the air.  Good riddance.  It's sucked. 


Science fiction - now there's a big thing Xians often don't like much. 

Comment by David Maxwell on April 23, 2011 at 8:37pm

Yeah, I’ve been watching them both and I might even admit
after watching tonight’s episode that I’m a bit more inclined to start leaning my
fandom more towards Eureka as well. But I still find Fringe to be amusing nonetheless
because I think the storyline is rather unique. Guess I was just hoping for
something leaning into an original direction like Pantheism at least.

Besides, even though Eureka does have some very solid
characters I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t start dropping in the “G” word
from time to time. And if I were to guess who it might be, I’d say… Well it’s
kind of hard to say really at all but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr Grant t’weren’t
one of them god-fearin science guys from the 1940’s.  I mean he’s the only New character variable in
the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t jump on that bandwagon.

It seems that all sci-fi shows at some time during their broadcast
history doesn’t make at least a slight nod towards secularism. In fact if
memory serves I think Red Dwarf was the only Sci-Fi series that didn’t. Yep, leave
it to them Brit’s.

Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on April 23, 2011 at 7:25pm
I usually love scifi, so I tried that show and I just didn't care for it.  Now I know why.  Eureka is a lot better.
Comment by David Maxwell on April 23, 2011 at 4:53pm

Between the time it took me to finish watching the latest
episode of Fringe and going on the web to check out was going on, I believe I
can safely say that no, we can’t coexist. Apparently not even on the same
dimensional plane. It would seem that all atheists are on the other dimensional
plane and all the god-fearing Christians are on ours.


After following this show since its first season I get
kicked in the face like that. Wonderful how Fox owned American media puts out
this Christ-centric message out so brazenly. I just don’t believe the nerve.

Comment by Sean Asbury on April 22, 2011 at 4:55am

Grace - Jesus loves tomatoes!  I know it's annoying all the "thank god" for this and "I'll pray for you" for that, but for the most part, it's harmless and I try to just smile and not say anything mean...


Tam - Secular societies are where we can coexist very nicely, but it always seems that religious groups are constantly trying to interject their belief systems into the public domain - for example intelligent design in public school curricula, ten commandments in courthouses, bibles in prisons, not to mention the regressive policies such as trying to defund Planned Parenthood based on their religious beliefs.  This is where I think atheists come across as "pushy" for trying to defend a secular system...

Comment by Tam on April 22, 2011 at 4:16am

There's not much in common ground when it comes to religion, but people can co-exist peacefully.

The big problems can come from authority, laws and enforcement. Thankfully most laws are nice and secular so they're regarded as fair laws not rules that play favorites to one group at the expense of another. Unfortunately when it comes to government there will always be groups looking to change and manipulate things to serve personal interests far over the common good.

Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on April 21, 2011 at 4:48am

Oh sure, as long as you leave Jesus out of it.  Unless the person is really out there, it is more than possible to talk to Xians about any topic outside religion.  For example, gardening, some religious people have to save "thank you Jesus for raining on my tomatoes", but most people leave Jesus out of tomatoes. 


You can even talk about morals and ethics in society as long there is some mutual respect.  In fact, I talk to Xians all the time with very few problems or arguments.  I don't try to change or challenge their faith at any time though.  Some people need training wheels for life.  If they need the crutch of religion to get them through their day.  As long as they don't have to insert Jesus into every sentence, we can get along fine.  If they are the sort of who has to say "Praise you Jesus!  The garage door opener worked again today," then we're going to box or I'm going to puke on them or both.  I imagine even Xians get sick of "thank you Jesus, I did not have to eat the crust off my bread today," weirdo types.

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