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Now before you jump down my throat I'm not saying it's bad, the original trilogy is good for the most part but it is not the gold that people seem to view it as. There are many good parts but there are bad parts as well.
I know someone will say in response to some of my criticisms: "in the novelisation ..." I don't care. I doesn't matter what the novelisation says, the movies are what matter, not the novelisations of the movies. Another response will be: " In this expanded universe book, video or game ..." Doesn't matter. Any expanded universe story from any expanded universe would at best be ambiguously cannon, any story from any expanded universe will never be truly cannon whether it's for Star Trek, Doctor Who, Warcraft and even Star Wars. And I don't care what George Lucas has to say on the subject, it's doesn't change anything, any story from any expanded universe will never be truly cannon. Star Wars geeks and EU writers need to remember that and the fact that any expanded book is just glorified fan fiction.
Personally: unless it's a parody or a deconstruction I hate fan fiction. Write your own story, it's okay to take inspirations and ideas from other stories but make it your own.

Lets look at the original trilogy.



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Comment by David Anam on April 22, 2011 at 2:29pm

I would say the writing and acting (with the exception of James Earl Jones) were somewhat poor. Better in The Empire Strikes Back, but even then just being decent. However, in just about any other way you can look at it, the original Star Wars was revolutionary, and the two sequels were solid additions.


These are very high quality action/adventure films that are still extremely watchable over 30 years later, which is very hard for any special effects-heavy film to achieve. Not to mention that practically every modern film uses technology and techniques that were invented for Star Wars, whether we're talking about sound editing, costume and makeup design, visual effects, or how films are scored. Even Pixar began as a Star Wars-related project.


Putting aside the technical stuff, the films serve as an iconic example of a classic boy hero story. While certainly not pushing any new ground in terms of plot, the films serve as a perfect illustration of how to tell a simple story extremely well. While it could be argued that films since Star Wars have done this type of story better, most if not all of them have used the Star Wars as a template to work from.



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