Though I like South Korea in general my current duty assignment has me up on the DMZ. It isn't all bad. We get to make our own schedule for the most part and don't have to deal with company or battalion very often. On the down side we can't drink up here, and we have lots of free time. Yes I'm listing free time as a down. Why you ask? Because you can only play video games, do college work online, work out in the gym, and sleep so much before it gets tedious or repetitive. It even gets boring hacking into each others computers after you've done it enough times.
Since we don't go down of the mountain very frequently I find I have to stock up on books or I'll finish reading them and have nothing to do again. I'm sure many people wish they had this problem. I feel stifled here, and aggravated some days. Like I should be out doing something else, or I could be doing something else if I wasn't up here. I have no idea what, just the way I've been feeling lately.

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Comment by thomas smith on April 24, 2011 at 2:19pm

I know what you mean,I was at remote norad site in the 60s here is something you can do on line  that is positive, the last battle for democracy here in america

Our Nation's Capital is the only city in the world where the residents are treated differently than other citizens. In  Washington  we have no voting member  of congress, and our local taxes and laws are subject to the control of congress. This violates every principal of democracy and is it unamerican

So I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate and President Barack Obama, which says:

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